Pet Parenting How-Tos

Providing your pet with the care he or she needs can be daunting, from picking the right supplies for your puppy to introducing a new cat to your household. Fortunately, we’ve gathered our very best how-tos to get you up to speed, including how to find a dog trainer, the best way to pet a dog, and how to litter train your cat.
Blind cat sitting on chair
7 Ways You Can Help a Blind Cat
Take these steps to help your blind cat feel happy, be healthy and stay safe.
John Gilpatrick
A woman on a dock with a dog
8 Things NOT to Say to Someone Mourning a Pet
Be considerate of those mourning the loss of their pet.
Jeanette Hurt
A kitten being held by its owner
8 Essential Tips for the First-Time Cat Owner
Expert advice on how to welcome your first feline into your home.
Monica Weymouth
Dog and a cat
9 Pet Budgeting Tips for the New Year
This year, create a budget with your pet in mind.
Jackie Lam
Feral cats outside
The Community Cat Survival Guide: How to Help Stray and Feral Cats
Ever wanted to help the homeless cats in your neighborhood? Here's how.
Jen Bryant