Cat Behavior

There’s no doubt about it, cats are mysterious creatures. Here, find explanations for some of the most common cat behaviors—like why cats knead and purr—and get advice on how to better care for your cat throughout his life, from kitten-training to understanding his habits as a senior cat.
Cat on top of shelf
Why Do Cats Like High Places?
Find out why cats love heights and how to create a kitty-friendly jungle gym in your home.
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Simba the Bengal cat
Meet Simba, a Bengal Who Proves It’s Possible to Train Cats
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6 Simple Tips to Curb Kitten Biting
Don't let biting behavior become a bad habit.
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5 Reasons You Should Never Scold Your Cat
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Cat in sunlight
6 Summer Enrichment Ideas for Your Cat
... Laying by the AC together doesn't count as enrichment.
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