Pet Science

If you’re interested in cat and dog anatomy, the inner workings of your pet’s brain, or the weird dog and cat facts that you didn’t know you needed, you’re in the right spot. These stories delve into interesting information about canine evolution, fascinating studies about cat cognition, and all the latest pet science research from veterinarians and behaviorists.
Tabby cat
What Exactly Is a Tabby Cat?
Find out what exactly a tabby cat is and how they get their distinctive pattern.
Paula Fitzsimmons
Orange and calico cat
Are All Orange Cats Male and All Calico Cats Female?
It all comes down to chromosomes.
Paula Fitzsimmons
Dreaming about a dog
Dreams About Dogs: Here’s What They Mean
Discover why canines are on your mind 24/7.
Helen Anne Travis
Cat purring on a person's lap
Does a Cat’s Purr Have Healing Powers?
Some scientists believe that cat purrs may have healing powers.
Teresa Traverse
Black cat sitting on a ledge
Do Cats Really Have Nine Lives?
We found out the truth behind the age-old saying.
Nicole Pajer