Exercise & Fitness

Keeping your pets healthy and active will prolong their lives and keep them happy. Whether you want to get your dog to a healthy weight or find cat exercises to try at home, these articles will help you and your pets stay fit. You’ll discover dog exercise ideas, healthy cat diet tips, and unique ways to get moving together.
Dog tracker
6 Reasons to Use a Dog Activity Tracker
An activity tracker may help you and your pup reach your fitness goals.
Tori Mistick
Dog playing fetch
6 Ways to Take Fetch to the Next Level
It's finally time to make fetch happen.
John Gilpatrick
Beach activities
8 Beach Activities for You and Your Dog
Even non-swimmers can get in on the fun!
Kellie Gormley
Time for some kitty cardio.
20 Ways to Exercise Your Cat
Time for some kitty cardio.
Monica Weymouth
How to Train for Long-Distance Runs with Your Dog
Run, pupper, run!
Samantha Drake