10 Reasons Why Cats Make the Best Adventurers

Adventure is out there!
By: Laura Moss

While plenty of kitties are content to spend their days napping on the couch or watching the outside world from the living room window, some cats crave a little sun in their fur and wind in their whiskers. For such cats, this may mean lounging in an outdoor enclosure like a catio or exploring the neighborhood in a pet stroller, but for others, it can mean donning a harness and going for a walk or even a hike.

Adventuring certainly isn’t for every cat, but felines that are leash-trained and comfortable in the great outdoors may join their owners for backyard or even backwoods escapades, and we’ve got 10 reasons why kitties can make the best adventure companions:

Cat hiking in canyon

Cats need physical activity and mental stimulation just like we do, so a trip outside can be both healthy and fun.

Cat beside tree

Cats won’t let the little things in nature go unnoticed.

Cat sitting in front of statue

Cats still retain many traits of their wild kin, so an outdoor adventure can bring out the lion within.

Cat walking in lawn

Cats can help you slow down and see the world in a whole new way. After all, to your kitty, even the backyard is a great big adventure.

Cat sitting on a porch

Cats can keep you company whether you’re relaxing beside the campfire or snuggling on the front porch.

Cat on a walk

Cats have superior senses, so they can always alert you to what lies ahead.

Cat sleeping in a purse

Cats understand the importance of catching some Z’s after a day out.

Cat grooming another cat

Cats will always be the cleanest members of your hiking party.

Cat exploring a city

Cats add a little something new to the usual landscape.

Cat on a family adventure

And finally, when you bring your kitty along, the whole family can enjoy an adventure together.

Images via: Anna Norris and Cody Wellons, AdventureCats.org