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If you have an adventurous cat or a dog that loves to get up and go, these action-packed tips will help you explore the world with your pet by your side. You’ll find tricks for flying with dogs, suggestions for the best pet-friendly hotels, insight into cool cat cafes, and plenty of stories that document dogs and cats who are loving life on the road with their pet parents.
Collegiate dog
7 Pet-Friendly Colleges
Class is now in session for dogs and cats, too.
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Cat hiking
10 Reasons Why Cats Make the Best Adventurers
Adventure is out there!
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Travel tips with your cat
Using Public Transportation with Your Cat: What You Need to Know
How to ride the train with your cat and live to tell the tale.
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Dog friendly food trucks
6 Dog-Friendly Food Trucks and Where to Find Them
Tasty food trucks, even for your pups.
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Florida Dog Beaches
12 Best Dog Beaches in Florida
With 825 miles of beaches, it’s easy to see why Florida and Fido go hand in paw.
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