What to Get Your Pet-Friendly Host over the Holidays

Their cat or dog will love these presents, too.
By: Aly Semigran
Holiday cat

One of the best parts of the holiday season is getting to stay with friends and loved ones, especially if said friends and loved ones have pets you get to snuggle with.

If you’re staying in a pet-friendly household this season, you’ll want to bring a thank you gift to your gracious host.

These ten items, which range from thoughtful to practical, are perfect presents to give to those with cats and/or dogs.

PetCube Bites Camera


This nifty device does it all: it keeps pets company while their parent is away, it trains them, it keeps tabs on them (owners can watch them via the camera), and it dispenses treats. Your host will be happy to have the piece of mind that when they are out running holiday errands, their puppy or kitty will have something keeping them calm and safe.

Personalized Pet Ornament

Pet ornament

Pets are the reason for the season for anyone with an animal in their life, so this heartwarming personalized ceramic ornament will, no doubt, become a family favorite for years to come.

Holiday-Themed Pet Toy


Even if pets aren’t always so friendly to Christmas trees, maybe they’ll think twice before batting at it and knocking it over when they already have their very own “strand” of pet-safe, catnip-filled lights to play with.

Pet Food Storage Container


Not the flashiest of presents, sure, but one of the most needed. Since proper food storage is necessary for a pet’s overall health, a snazzy new container, like this one from Lixit Animal Care, will ensure the holidays are safe for every family member. (Bonus houseguest points if you buy them a bag of their favorite food, too!)

Pet Treat Cookbook


With all the goodies us humans get to enjoy over the holidays, pets shouldn’t have to miss out. The “Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook” will give the dog parent in your life the chance to give their puppy a healthy and tasty treat.

Pet Fleece Hoodie


With the holidays come those chillier temperatures, and pups get frostier on their walks. A fleece hoodie for dogs (which range in sizes from XS to XXL) allows pet parents to bring their canines along for those post-feast walks around the block with ease.

Pet Carrier


Holidays are a busy travel time for everyone, but for pet parents it provides an extra challenge. Your host will have one less thing to worry about when you give them this airline-approved pet travel carrier.

Pet Blanket


Cuddling with pets is one of the perks of winter, and this cozy fleece plaid blanket will all but ensure pet and parent will spend the chilly holidays snuggled up together.

Pet-Friendly Entertainment

DVDMovies are a major part of any household’s holiday traditions, so you can add to their collection with a pet-friendly classic like “I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown.”

A Donation in Their Name


The animal lover in your life will be touched that you made a donation in their honor, whether it’s to a local shelter or a national organization like the ASPCA. They’ll know they were part of helping a pet get care or find a home during the holiday season. Plus, you can share the good news in a cat or dog card, natch.

Images via Amazon; Etsy