Saint Paw-tricks Day: Pets Celebrate the Holiday on Instagram

The luck of the Irish has never looked so cute!
By: Aly Semigran
St. Patrick's Day dog

While our darling dogs and cats can’t participate in a lot of the St. Patrick’s Day traditions we love (green beer is definitely a big no-no), that doesn’t mean they can’t dress the part. 

Pets are adorably getting into the St. Patty’s spirit on Instagram, wearing their best green accessories. 

We found 13 of the luckiest, loveliest pets on the ‘net who are totally nailing the festive holiday look.  

Turbo and Princess Nixie (@surfdogturbo

St. Patrick's Day dogs

Not only did this festive pair dress to the nines, they were doing it all in the name of charity. These are Good Dogs all year, but they are really winning March 17. 

Ozzie and Brady (@ozzytheaussiedog

Dogs in festive bowties

Talk about a couple of party animals: Ozzie and Brady were getting in the Saint Patrick’s Day spirit on March 16!

Sam (@khartsxo

Sam the dog

Sam’s human describes him as a “handsome leprechaun” in his sparkly green bowtie, and we’d have to agree!

Fiona (@c_tucker08

Fiona the puppy

At just 9-weeks-old, Fiona the West Highland white terrier already knows how to celebrate the holiday. (Safely and responsibly, of course!) 

Rupert (@lifeofrupertthegolden

Rupert the dog

All of the St. Patty’s pets look amazing, but Rupert gains extra points for his inspired leprechaun ears. Magical, indeed. 

Bacchus (@missbacchusdaboston)

Dog with holiday bandana on

A Boston Terrier standing in a field of clovers (while wearing a bandana with clovers on it, no less) is pretty on the nose if you ask us. 

Brody (@tonya100

Brody the dog

“What’s all this about St. Patrick’s Day pinching?” Don’t worry, Brody, we would never.

Princess (@dilley_g

Cat with festive bandana on

What’s the only thing better than a pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow? Why, Princess the kitty on St. Patty’s day, of course.

Rory (@rorythedowntowndane

Rory the dog

Strike up the bagpipes for the festive Rory, wearing both beads and a jaunty hat. (Hey, they don’t call them Great Danes for nothin’)

Heidi (@hallo.heidi)

Dog wearing green boa

Heidi knows that feather boas should be worn for all occasions, but the green ones simply look best on St. Patrick’s Day. So fab. 

Samoset (@greyblueeyes74

Dog in St. Patrick's Day sweater

We’re green with envy over Samoset’s perfectly coordinated ensemble. (How many of us can say we matched our sweater to our hair today?)

Additional reporting by Kelly Quay