PawCulture's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

It's the most wonderful time of the year (to spoil your pets).
By: Aly Semigran
Holiday pets

Even when our pets are  a little bit naughty (why do they love chewing on our shoes so much?), they always inevitably wind up on the nice list as the holiday season rolls around. They’re just too cute and wonderful.

Whether you’re a dog or cat parent or you want to get something special for the pet parent in your life, there’s plenty of goodies for the four-legged furballs on your shopping list.

These are the must-have pet items we’re loving for 2017:

An Automatic Feeder


In a perfect world, we’d be home all day to feed and talk to our pets. Luckily, while we’re at work or running errands, the Homdox Automatic Pet Feeder can not only give our pets portioned meals throughout the day, but it can play recorded messages for them.

The Very Best Toys

Dog toys

Toys. It’s the best thing to get for Hanukkah or Christmas. You know it, we know, and your dog definitely knows it. The KONG Wubba Ballistic Friends toys are so good, even New Yorkmagazine loves them.

A Cozy Sherpa Blanket


Baby, it’s cold outside. Don’t let those cozy fur coats of theirs fool you: cats and dogs are always in need of some warm snuggles in the wintertime. This microplush sherpa blanket is so comfy, you’ll wish you had one for yourself on a cold winter day.

Indoor Cat Grass

Cat grass

You’re not the only one yearning who desperately misses seeing actual grass during the winter. Your cat will adore this indoor organic grass kit—which comes with a planter, seeds and soil—that will not only keep them busy and happy this winter but will help them with hairball and digestive issues.

A Set of Matching Pajamas


Okay, so this is definitely more for you than the dog, but think of how cute your Christmas morning will be when your whole fam, including your pup, are all wearing the same jammies.  Perfect photo op, if you ask us.

A Heated Windowsill Seat


What better way to watch the snow falling on a winter morning than from the comfort of the K&H Thermo-Kitty Sill, which keeps kitty butts nice and warm all season.

A Paw and Nose Balm


Tis the season for pups with chapped paws and noses due to the harsh, cold elements. Make their winter life easier with the organic Ruff Relief balm, which protects and moisturizes. paws and noses all season.

A Kitty Play Tunnel


Keep kitty fit and active all winter (and distracted from trying to knock over all your delicate ornaments) with this three-way, collapsable cat tunnel.

A Down Jacket


Before you and your best bud go walkin’ in a winter wonderland, you’ll want to keep him warm (and, yes, stylish). This waterproof coat, which ranges in size from small to 4XL, will ensure your canine stays warm and dry all season.

A Cat Wellness Center

Cat wellness center

One of the best gifts you can get around the holidays is a gift certificate for a spa day. While you can’t bring your cat along with you for massages and facials, they can get their very own version with the Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center. Not only does the device provide head-to-paw massages, it also dispenses catip.

Some Holiday Treats


The grain-free and organic Bone Bons are so brilliantly decorated, you’ll feel a little guilty feeding these festive treats to your dog. For the record, he will not feel bad about it.

A PetCube Camera


Alexa, get me a device that allows me to keep an eye on my pet at all times and feeds them treats when they are being a Very Good Boy.

Images via Amazon