Easter-gram: See How Pets are Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

The one time of year when bunny ears in pictures are encouraged.
By: Aly Semigran
Dogs dressed up for Easter

As we hop into Easter weekend, our furry friends are getting into the spirit.

From participating in egg hunts to donning festive bunny ears, dogs and cats (and, of course, rabbits) are showing off their Easter finest on Instagram.

Check out some of the cutest photos of pets in full springtime mode:


Bunny ears are adorable on Yoda, they are. 

Courtesy: @yodaishisnameo


Xena the Easter warrior princess is leading the charge in cuteness. 

Courtesy: @xena_bane_adventures


This fabulous pittie (look at those pearls) is on the hunt for some Easter eggs.

Courtesy: @char_the_tripod_pittie


See if you can spot the bunny ears on this precious Shih-Tzu

Courtesy: @nikkiz85


What’s Easter without a rabbit? Or a rabbit-friendly cat named Gizmo for that matter? 

Courtesy: @gizmo_the_tabby_cat


The only thing better than Addison the Sheepadoodle in an Easter-egg bandana is her BFF wearing a matching one by her side. 

Courtesy: @sheepish_addie


The face says it all, but as her pet parent said it best, “Getting ready for easter 😂” 

Courtesy: @flower_holly


We know this is a Frenchie, but if you told us this was the sweetest bunny in the whole world, we’d also believe you. 

Courtesy: @steph_carlson15


We almost didn’t notice Kingston’s impressive Easter ears because we were lost in those incredible eyes. 

Courtesy: @kingstonthesausage

Additional reporting by Kelly Quay