Dog's 'Wayne's World' Halloween Costume is Truly Excellent

Party on, Wayne. Party on, Garth.
By: Aly Semigran
Kate Banaszak and her dog Kellan.

Halloween party on, Wayne.

Halloween party on, Garth.

If there’s any twosome that’s ready to party this, or any, Halloween, it’s former Miss Delaware Kate Banaszak and her Irish Wolfhound Kellan.

Banaszak—who currently manages an animal hospital in Pennsylvania—and her adorable, two-year-old, 140-pound pooch have become nothing short of viral sensations this Halloween season thanks to their perfectly executed pet-and-pet-parent ensemble of SNL classics, Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar of sketch-turned-movie Wayne’s World.

“My brother and I were huge Wayne’s World fans in the 90’s. We watched the movie so many times the VHS tape just about lived in the VCR permanently,” Banaszak tells PawCulture. “For Halloween this year, I wanted to do a ‘couples’ costume for Kellan and I. I started thinking of famous duos, and Wayne and Garth were one of my first choices!”

After finding a wig and Garth’s iconic Aerosmith t-shirt on Amazon and the perfect blue button down shirt in her husband’s closet, Kellan made for a surprisingly spot-on Garth.

Banaszak posted the hilariously adorable photo of her and Kellan in their costumes on her personal Facebook page and a dog enthusiasts page, and the rest is history.

“Within a day, it had spread to Reddit and Instagram, and then really took off from there. Friends started texting me that the photo went viral,” she says. While Banaszak is still in disbelief about the reaction, “It’s really cool to know that Kellan is loved by so many,” she says.

Banaszak admits that she’s guilty of dressing Kellan up in “goofy outfits” on the regular, but her lovable dog doesn’t seem to mind. “He’s so chill and laid-back, and just a fun guy to be around,” she says.

Due to Kellan’s recent stardom, Banaszak is setting up a Facebook page for her him, so his legions of new fans can find updates on Kellan and his funny antics. But there is no bigger fan that Banaszak herself.

“He’s an amazing soul who just wants to experience everything this life has to offer, and he wants to do it with his loved ones by his side,” she says. “I don’t think it gets much better than that!”


Image via Reddit