8 Hanukkah Gifts for Your Pets

A furr-stival of light.
By: Aly Semigran
Hanukkah gifts

For eight wonderful (and yes, crazy) nights, families and friends gather to celebrate Hanukkah and exchange gifts.

Since our beloved cats and dogs can’t get in on some of the best holiday traditions (no chocolate gelt for our furry companions), they deserve to get some seriously sweet Hanukkah swag.

We found eight awesome gifts to get your pets for this year’s festivities.

Clever Catnip


Kitties would definitely gobble up jelly donuts without a second thought, but since the classic sweet treats are off limits, you can give them the next best thing. These handmade catnip toys look like the real deal.

Tasty Treat


Your pup deserves a holiday nosh, so why not give him a yummy, all-natural Hanukkah-themed cookie? Or two…or three…

Luxurious Condo


Perfect for multi-cat households, this fun and functional condo/treehouse combo will keep kitties entertained for all eight nights of Hanukkah and beyond.

Comfy Bed


The holidays can really take it out of you. Give your pets some much-needed rest and relaxation from all the hubbub with this oh-so-cozy memory foam bed.

Drinking Fountain


While the Manischewitz flows at the dinner table, your feline(s) will stay hydrated thanks to the free-falling stream featured in this cat drinking fountain.

Festive Bowtie


With guests coming and going throughout the week, your feline will want to look his sharpest for the holiday. This Hanukkah-themed bowtie will make your cat the best accessorized partygoer this year.

Ball Launcher


Since dreidels can be a choking hazard for pets, you’ll want to give them something they can play with throughout Hanukkah, too. The iFetch interactive ball launcher will keep them happy and busy, especially while you’re making your umpteenth batch of latkes.

Ceramic Menorah


Alright, so this is more for you than it is for them, but what better way to let your pet know how much they mean this time of year than having them represented on your family’s menorah? This lovely ceramic menorah should, of course, be kept far out of reach of your pets, but they’ll know in their hearts, how much this gift means in your household.

Images via Etsy; Amazon