20 Things Your Dog Is Thankful For

Your pup feels just as lucky to have you.
By: Carol Bryant
A happy, thankful dog.

It’s that time of year again — when everyone starts thinking about all the things they have to be thankful for. Humans aren’t the only ones getting who feel the appreciation, though. Your pup is probably thankful for quite a few things in his own life, as well. 

If we had to guess, there are at least twenty things that our canine companions would be the most thankful for this time of year.

1. Lots of blankets to bury himself under. One of the best parts about the changing weather this time of year is that the chill in the air gives us the perfect excuse to snuggle under the blankets with our loved ones. Of course your pup is probably good at snuggling year round, but during the fall there’s even more reason to love it.

2. Long walks around the neighborhood.Walking your dog is good for his health, sure, but it’s also the perfect time to bond with your pup. Throw in a few extra loops to show him how much you really care.

3. Extra kisses on the weekend.While the weekdays can be harried and busy for everyone, the weekend is a great opportunity to take some time to show your furry best friend how much you really miss him during the week.

4. A favorite, well-worn toy. New toys are great, but we’re willing to bet your pup has a tried-and-true toy that’s probably his favorite … no matter how battered and frayed it may be.

5. The chance to show off new tricks.Your dog is super smart, so why shouldn’t he love showing off that brand new trick to all your (really impressed) friends?

6. That big pile of leaves in the back yard.Come on – you want to jump in that pile of leaves so bad, you know you do! Just let it happen!

7. Treats!There is sure to be ample opportunity in the next few months for you to shower your pup with extra treats. While a little nibble here and there never hurt anyone, just be careful — you definitely don’t want to overfeed your dog during the holidays, and some human food can even be harmful to your pet. Check with your vet before feeding your dog any table scraps to make sure they’re safe for him.

8. Grass to roll around in.Sometimes all it takes is a little roll-around in the grass to feel normal again. What else could it possibly be there for, right?

9. Playing games with owners. Tug of war. Fetch. Hide and seek. Sniff and find. Our pups aren’t picky – it’s the opportunity to spend time with us that we think they actually like the best.

10. Friends at the dog park. The dog park is a great place for your pup to get out all his pent up energy, but it’s also a great place to socialize and make new friends.

11. A comfy place to sleep at night.Whether it’s a dog bed or a pile of pillows or your own bed, we’re willing to bet that his nighttime sleeping area is one of your dog’s favorite things in the whole world.

12. Healthy meals every day. Dogs have an uncanny ability to act like they are always hungry, but in reality, your dog is probably super thankful for the healthy and nutritious meals that you feed him every single day.

13. Music while their owners are out.While he’d much rather you never, ever leave the house, when you are out, your pup probably enjoys the soothing sounds of the radio you leave on to keep him company.

14. Car rides with the windows down. Speaking of leaving the house, there’s nothing quite like sticking your head out of the car window and letting your ears fly back while the wind whips you in the face.

15. All those extra days you’re home during the holiday season. If you think you’re happy about having time off from work for the holidays, just imagine how thrilled your pup is to have you around!

16. The extra praise you give him for being so good at this time of year.
You know it’s hard for your pup to behave himself this time of year — what with all the added distractions — so you’re sure to give him lots of extra praise and pats around this time, and that doesn’t go unnoticed.

17. Those quiet nights you spend home with your dog, amid all the extra chaos. Your dog misses you when you’re not around, especially at this time of year with all the extra time you’re not home because you’re out at parties or busy shopping. That’s why your furry bestie appreciates quiet nights at home – just the two of you.

18. Visits from old friends.The holiday season is a time for visits from old friends and family from all over the place, and as much as you relish these times, so, too, does your pup.

19. So many new smells and things to inspect.Dogs are natural-born detectives, and this time of year is ripe with opportunity for them to use their awesome sense of smell to sniff out new foods (yum, turkey!) and check out what’s under that Christmas tree.

20. Another year well-lived. You take great care of your dog, and that doesn’t go unnoticed. The thing your dog is probably most thankful for is living with such an awesome pet parent who cares so much about his health and well-being.

Image via Shutterstock