10 Amazing Pet-Inspired Gifts for Your Valentine

All you need is love. Okay, and these awesome presents.
By: Aly Semigran
Couple with cat

You love your pets. You love your person. Your person loves pets. What better day to show your pet-loving person how much you care about them (and the pets) than with a sweet animal-inspired gift this Valentine’s Day?

Because while February 14 is a day typically filled with chocolate and flowers, those things can be toxic to our beloved pups and kitties. Instead, these original and thoughtful presents show your significant other you know their purrr-sonality. (Sorry, had to.)

We found ten of the coolest pet-inspired gifts on the Internet to give to your partner on Valentine’s Day.

Puppy Paws Bowtie

For the dapper lady or gent in your life, this adorable and stylish bowtie with puppy paw prints will make any formal event so much better. Available from KnotSewKnitting on Etsy. $20.

Kitty Cat Tote Bag

Quite frankly, we’re over the moon for this hand-painted cat tote bag, and we bet your loved one will be, too. Available from tsomoriri on Etsy.$16.44.

Animal Rescue Mug

If your better half loves coffee, naps, and saving animals, this mug really says it all, doesn’t it? Available from P&B on Amazon. $11.95.

Hedgehog Card

Giving cute Valentine’s cards shouldn’t have to end when you’re an adult, especially not when there are adorable hedgehog cards to hand out to friends and loved ones! Available from ThePaperMenagerie on Etsy. $3.

Crocheted Love Bunnies

Ditch the traditional stuffed animal route when it comes to Valentine’s gift giving and go for this well-crafted and achingly adorable crocheted bunny rabbit. Bonus points if you buy one for you and, well, your love bunny. Available from KraftyGrannysHome on Etsy. $16.

Doggie Cufflinks

What better way to snazz up an outfit for your Valentine’s night out than with these fashionable miniature Schnauzer cufflinks? Available from Mr. Van on Amazon..$15.90.

Cat Art Print

For the person whose heart belongs just as much to you as it does cats, this simplistic, charming art print. Available from SilkeSpingies on Etsy.$7.77.

Personalized Love Birds Necklace

Jewelry on Valentine’s Day can run the risk of being cliche or over-the-top, but these love birds are as well-made as they are meaningful. With your personalized initials, it’s a symbol of your love and, for plenty of pet parents, a shared love of birdies. Available from DevinMichaels on Etsy. $24.50.

Pouncethe Cat Book

Photographer Seth Casteel makes the best coffee table books for animal lovers, whether it’s capturing pups swimming underwater or the squee-inducing pouncing kittens collection. A must-have for any cat person’s collection. Available from Amazon. $10.

Make a Donation in Their Name to an Animal Charity

Whether you donate to something to save animals on a larger scale, like supporting the World Wildlife Fund, or you help out on a local level, like donating to your nearby shelter, your loved one will feel all warm and fuzzy knowing they made the world a better place for creatures great and small.

Image via Shutterstock