Honey-Glazed Chicken, Potato and Zucchini for Dogs

Food fit for the perfect dog barbecue.
By: Nicole Pajer
Honey glazed chicken potato and zucchini for dogs

Summer is the best time of year to fire up the grill and cook a special meal for your friends and family. As you pass around burgers, hotdogs and other grilled delicacies, you are sure to spark some jealousy in your four-legged friend.

Make your barbecue dog-friendly with this yummy, summer recipe created with the help of certified pet nutritionist, Dr. Sean Delaney. 

To enjoy this dish alongside our dogs, my husband and I grilled up a few extra chicken breasts and sprinkled our favorite flavored sea salt blend on top to give them some more flavor. 

Once the meal was cooked and cooled, I cut everything up into tiny pieces and mixed it up in my dog’s bowls. They went crazy for this. The moment the meat and veggies hit the grill, they were glued to my husband’s side. And as he flipped the meat and marinated it with honey, their little noses went crazy. This dish was an all-around hit with both the humans and the canines in our house.

Honey glazed chicken bbq for dogs in bowls


  • One large white baked potato (with skin, large potation should be between 3 and 4 inches in diameter)
  • ⅜ cup sliced, boiled and drained summer squash or zucchini (no salt)
  • 5 ¾ oz chicken breast, cooked (meat only, no bones or skin)
  • 1 ¼ tsp honey
  • 2 tbsp margarine


Wrap the potato in foil, poke it with a fork five times, and place it on the preheated grill for 45 minutes. 

About 20 minutes later, start grilling the chicken (it can be baked instead, if desired).

Baste the chicken with honey

Five minutes before the chicken is finished cooking (final cooked internal temperature should be 165 degrees Fahrenheit), baste the chicken with the honey. 

While the potato and chicken are cooking, grill the zucchini (it can be steamed on the stove top instead).

Ingredients cooked and ready to put together

Cut the chicken into small pieces.

Apply the margarine to the split open potato after removing the foil. If desired, the skin can be fed for extra dietary fiber or the flesh can just be scooped out and fed. 

Dogs enjoying honey glazed chicken bbq

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and serve. 

Nutritional Content:  819 calories; 29% protein calories (238 calories); 32% fat calories (262 calories); 39% carbohydrate calories (319 calories); 70.2% moisture. 

Preparation Notes:  Recipe created with the help of certified veterinary nutritionist, Dr. Sean Delaney. It is catered towards a 35 pound dog. Adjust the recipe and portion sizes accordingly to accommodate your dog and don’t forget to check with your veterinarian before feeding your dog new foods.