A Homemade Dog Food Topper Recipe You Should Try

Adding this to your dog's diet is beneficial to his health.
By: Kristina Johansen
Dog eating kibble topper

Creating a veterinary-approved, home-prepared diet for your dog can be wonderful for your pet’s health. But cooking for your pup on a regular basis isn’t possible for every pet parent. Cooking properly formulated meals for dogs at home can be time consuming and expensive.

That’s where dog food toppers come into play. You can easily prepare a week’s worth of nutritious meal additions for dogs that can be added safely to your dog’s diet. These homemade dog food toppers make mealtime more interesting and can boost your pup’s access to healthy nutrients.

Homemade Dog Food Topper Recipe



10 ounces Atlantic mackerel, cooked

14 ounces green beans

5 ounces goat yogurt

2 small eggs, boiled, peeled

28 ounces sweet potato, boiled w/o skin, mashed or diced

10 blueberries

1 apple, cored

1 level teaspoon of calcium carbonate



Get all your ingredients ready.

Use a food processor to crush up the vegetables and fruits. Start with the green beans, followed by apple and blueberries.

In a separate bowl use your hands to break the eggs and mackerel into tiny pieces.

Add the crushed green beans, apples, and blueberries together with yogurt and boiled sweet potatoes.

Mix well, and then divide the batch into seven equal portions. Each portion represents a one-day food topper for your dog. Freeze four of these portions and defrost through the week as needed.

During your dog’s dinner time, add one of the topper portions to your dog’s food for a fun and delicious boost!

Nutritional Information: This total recipe contains 1750 calories, and creates seven portions.

Note: This recipe is suitable for an active dog weighing approximately 45 lbs who requires a total of 7000 calories a week. If your dog is smaller or larger, or if your dog requires more or less calories on a weekly basis, consult with a veterinarian for appropriate feeding guidelines.


This recipe is meant to supplement a healthy adult dog’s regular diet. It does not represent a complete and balanced diet for dogs. Consult a veterinarian before adjusting your dog’s diet.

How Dog Food Toppers Are Beneficial

Adding foods like fresh fish to your dog’s diet can boost Omega 3 fatty acids, which can improve coat quality and reduce inflammation.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are also packed with phytonutrients and are a great source of fiber. Plain yogurt is a natural source of probiotics that may aid your dog’s digestion. Additionally, eggs are a high quality protein source for pups.

Images via Kristina Johansen