Alison Eastwood Launches Website to Fosters and Pets in Need

Find out why she's an A-lister in the pet rescue world.
By: Aly Semigran
Alison Eastwood and her dog

The A-list name Eastwood may be synonymous with Oscar-winning films and Hollywood royalty in Tinseltown, but in the animal world, the iconic moniker means something else entirely.

Director, actress and activist Alison Eastwood (daughter of esteemed director, actor and composer Clint) and her Eastwood Ranch Foundation partner Maissa Dauriac recently launched a website called The site allows potential fosters to connect with shelters to find cats or dogs.

Eastwood describes the website as PetFinder meets Match, minus the romance and plus a lot of love for animals.

“There was a lack of [online] community when it comes to fostering,” she says. “Since fostering is such an important part of pet rescue, we decided we were going to create an online spot to connect people with the rescue community.”

People who want to become a paid or volunteer pet foster parents simply sign up, connect with local shelters, and find the cat or dog that best suits their lifestyle (the site also gives people who can’t foster the option to volunteer to transport pets between the shelters and their fosters).

When completing a foster profile, Eastwood says it’s “important to get specific.” This allows the shelters to connect people with the right animal, as different animals at different stages of life require different care.

“It’s really important to be clear and honest with yourself about this responsibility and what you can and cannot handle,” she says.

Some animals may have special needs, she says, while others may be shy or scared. Nevertheless, whatever these animals may require, she wants fosters to remember the important and incredible work they are doing.

“I prefer to take an animal out of a shelter or boarding facility into a loving home with a foster,” Eastwood says. “Giving a cat or a dog a few weeks of your time can be the difference between life and death for that animal.”

Eastwood has opened her own home up to a self-described “myriad of animals.” A pet mom to cats, dogs, rats and horses, she says that, in addition to her own pets, she hopes to someday have an animal sanctuary where unwanted, abused, neglected animals can live their lives in peace.

In the meantime, she says she will continue to expand the community. “We can all come together and work together to make a greater impact on saving lives and helping animals.”

Image via Volker Fleck