14 Crazy Pet Products You Won't Believe Exist

What do you get the pet who has everything? We have a few suggestions.
By: Helen Anne Travis
Cat and dog on bed

What do you get the pet who has everything? We have a few suggestions.

We scoured the internet to find the most ridiculous and ridiculously awesome pet products. From doggie doorbells to cat backpacks, here are 14 items you won’t believe exist (or be able to resist):

A Doggie Treadmill

Dog treadmillA perfect solution for rainy (or lazy!) days, the doggie treadmill allows your pets to get some exercise while you sit on the couch. The treadmill can reach speeds of up to 7.5 MPH and comes equipped with pre-set fitness programs. All joking aside, a puppy treadmill can be a big help if your dog needs to lose weight, or if you’re physically unable to take him for walks.

An Interactive Pet Camera

Dog camera

Stay in touch with your pet when you’re on the road with Furbo, a smart camera that features HD livestreaming and two-way audio. It sends push notifications when your dog barks so you can make sure everything’s okay and even allows you to play with your dog while you’re gone. The camera tosses your dog treats whenever you swipe your screen.

A Cat Hammock

Cat hammock

No room for a bulky cat bed? This hammock attaches to the bottom of your chair to give pets a place to nap while saving precious floor space. You can also use it in a hamster or ferret cage or in a small dog crate.

A Pet Backpack

Pet carrier

This carrier allows you to transport your cat or dog (up to ten pounds) hands-free. Use it for a trip to the vet or a walk around the block.

An Activity Monitor 

Dog activity monitorTrack your dog’s activity levels throughout the day with the FitBark. Just like its human counterpart, the FitBark monitors and records your pet’s exercise and sleeping habits. You can use it to set fitness goals for your pet and even get alerts if your dog is unusually active or inactive.

Some Kitty Cuddle Clothes

Kitty roo product

The Kitty Roo is a sweatshirt-slash-cat carrier that allows you to keep your cat close as you move about the house. Stick your kitty in the kangaroo-like pouch and she won’t be disturbed if you have to get a glass of water while you’re cuddling on the couch.

A Pet Stain Detector

Pet stain flashlightCan’t figure out where that smell is coming from? This flashlight uses UV light to reveal dried pet stains you can’t see with the naked eye.

A Doggie Doorbell

Dog doorbell

Does your dog have you trained to let him out whenever he whines or scratches at the door? Save your ears and your house by teaching him to ring a bell whenever nature calls.

A Meal Tracker

Dog meal tracker

Dogs in multi-human households love it when you’re not sure if your housemates already fed them. It usually means an extra round of treats. Now you can track your pup’s meals with a push of the button. Literally. The aptly named Did You Feed The Dog? allows you to record up to two daily feedings. Just glance at the tracker to see if your dog is legitimately hungry or just begging for another round.

A Dog Umbrella

Dog umbrella

Keep your dog dry with this pup-size umbrella. It attaches easily to your dog’s leash and lets them explore in the rain and snow without getting wet.

A Fence Window

Dog fence window

Satisfy your pet’s curiosity by giving them a literal window to the world. The Pet Peek is a clear acrylic dome that can be installed in your fence or other hard surface to give pets a dog’s eye view of life on the other side.

A Doggie Water Fountain

Dog water fountain

This contraption connects to your hose to create a private water fountain for your dog. Whenever he’s thirsty, he just has to press the paw pad to be rewarded with a fresh stream of water.

A Bottle of Dog Wine

Dog wine

You should never give booze to your pets. Instead, celebrate special occasions with Fetch Me Noir, an alcohol-free dog wine that features notes of bacon and salmon.

An Automatic Cat Petter

Pet Petter

“Never touch your pets again!” the packaging claims. We couldn’t believe this product existed. And we were right. The automatic pet petter is actually an empty gift box for you to store real presents, like dog wine and kitty hammocks.