12 Tech Gadgets for Pets You Didn’t Know You Needed

Must-have products for proud pet owners (and tech nerds).
By: Heather Larson
Tech gadgets for pets

As busy pet parents, sometimes you can use a helping hand to keep your charges safe, fed and exercised. Tech manufacturers know this and have come to your rescue with devices designed to make a few of your responsibilities a bit more automated. Here, find 12 awesome gadgets you didn’t know you needed:

A Speaker to Soothe Your Dog or Cat

Concert pianist Lisa Spector plays music clinically shown to reduce pet anxiety on iCalmDog and iCalmCat. Spector performs songs re-arranged and simplified for pets through a battery-operated portable speaker about the size of a tennis ball. You can take it with you to the vet, groomer, or even dog daycare or turn it on during noise-filled holidays like the Fourth of July.

An Automatic Feeder

Automatic feeder

When you get detained and know your four-legged friend needs to eat, rest assured his meal is on the way with the electric Pyrus Automatic Feeder. Just place your pet’s dry food in a hopper (that looks like a gumball machine with a bowl attached) and program it to automatically dispense a measured amount of food at a set time. You can also record your voice saying whatever you like to let your pet know his food is on the way.

A Puzzle for Canines

Cleverpet hub

Some dogs become bored while you’re away at work, and bored dogs get into trouble, chewing on shoes, shredding paper, etc. The CleverPet Hub is a puzzle feeder that offers them challenges that get increasingly more difficult as the dog figures out the basics. When your four-legged friend touches the right combination of lighted buttons, he’s rewarded with dry kibble. Download the CleverPet app to your smart phone and schedule certain hours for him to play with the device.

A Safeguard for Cords

Lock in plug

Electrical cords hold an allure for children and for pets, especially puppies who like to chew on everything. With this lock-in plug, you no longer have to worry. Cords, cables, chargers all stay plugged in tightly and don’t become unplugged unless a lever is released. It’s easy to install and doesn’t require any tools.

A Warm Place to Sleep


Using the same technology as Mylar space blankets, this self-warming pet bed reflects a dog or cat’s own body heat to keep their bed warm and cozy. The bed doesn’t require electricity or a battery. A cover made from faux lambs wool plush and corduroy covers the layer of material that generates heat. The self-warming beds also come in larger, rectangular sizes for larger pups.

Protective Outwear for Dogs

Blackshark dog

For canines on the go, this adjustable, reflective jacket guards against wind, rain, snow and inclement weather. The inner lining is warm, thin, and tear resistant and each leg has adjustable straps. To the garment zips open on the top to take it on and off, but with a layer of protective Velcro so the dog’s hair doesn’t get pulled.

An Automatic Cat Laser Toy

Automatic laser

Keep your pet active while you’re in another room with this automatic rotating laser toy. It has multiple speed settings, an adjustable timer and 16 different play patterns. The laser toy runs on three AA batteries which are not included.

An Entertaining Dog Bone

Go Bone

Made from FDA-compliant nylon, the Go Bone provides hours of entertain for your dog (and for you!). Intelligent software inside the toy provides a different experience for each dog based on age, weight, breed and play style. He can get the treats out of it, chase it, chew on it, make it squeak, or throw it up in the air. It can be controlled from your smart phone, making it a fun game for both of you.

A Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Cleaning litterbox

Who doesn’t dread scooping out the cat’s litter box? With this automatic, self-cleaning litter box, that dirty job has disappeared. Once the cat leaves the box, the waste is separated from the clean litter and then dumped into a bag-lined carbon filter drawer. When the drawer becomes full, you’re notified to empty it. This version comes with a night light and is more ergonomically designed than the classic model.

A Jabbering Ball

Talking ball

Pups need playtime when they are alone, and this tennis ball-sized talking toy will be sure to keep your dog entertained. The toy emits a combination of 20 different sayings and sounds when a dog pushes or moves it including, “good doggie,” and “I’m gonna get you,” or other animal sounds.

A Secure Doggy Door

Electronic door

When you work outside the home and your dog needs relief, this high-tech pet door may be the answer. Instead of a swinging doggy door that can open up to anyone, this electronic door only opens when your dog (wearing a special collar) approaches the door. This door’s automatic deadbolt and airtight seal ramp up the level of security even more.

A GPS Tracking Collar

Smart track collar

Winner of the 2017 Computer Electronics Show “Best of Innovation” award, the LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar uses GPS location tracking technology so you always know where your best friend is. In addition, it measures activity levels and gives recommendations on how those should change, keeps veterinarian records and sports a light so you can see your dog in the dark.