The Shed Defender: The Hilarious and Helpful Outfit For Your Dog

You'll laugh ... and then you'll be thankful it exists.
By: Aly Semigran
Shed Defender dog

When you see a dog wearing a Shed Defender, your first instinct is to chuckle. It’s hard not to crack a smile when you see a tiny floofer or a giant woofer all snug in a body-length jumpsuit as their fur poofs out. 

Then, when you learn what the inventive product is for, your laughter will turn to deep appreciation, especially if you’re a pet parent. 

Created by dog owner Tyson Walters, who couldn’t find anything to help with his Saint Bernard’s shedding, the Shed Defender is an eco-friendly, spandex/polyester-blend body suit that kind of works like scotch tape, minus the stickiness. 

“It’s not dissimilar to the lightweight activewear we all wear [for exercise],” says Casey Walters, vice president of marketing for the family-run company. 

The Shed Defender traps dog hair inside the suit and, when a pet parent is done using it for the day, they can either turn it inside out and shake out the hair, wash the suit or simply put it in the dryer. 


And while the name is, in fact, the Shed Defender, Casey Walters says that the suit has multiple uses for dogs. She says it also helps those with skin issues such as hot spots and/or for canines suffering from anxiety problems. 

Dr. Pete Lands shared a testimonial to the company’s Facebook page, praising the quality of the product and the ease of putting it on your pet (a zipper runs from the chest to the tail, which allows pet parents to slip it over the dog’s head and zip it up, Casey Walters says). 

“I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking for a simple, natural way to contain dog hair or has a friend or family member with allergies because it also contains the dander. It’s also a safe alternative to the medical cone,” Lands says in the testimonial. 

The suit’s multi-use function is something that Casey Walters emphasizes. “While it definitely looks funny, it has a lot of really great uses,” she says. 

The undeniably hilarious look of the Shed Defender has had pet parents sharing photos of their pups in the outfit to the company’s Instagram, which has started to go viral.  


The company not only loves seeing photos of dogs wearing the suit, but is hoping to expand their line to include better-fitting suits for certain in-between breeds, like Basset Hounds or Bulldogs. 

Casey Walters says they’ve also gotten some requests for a Shed Defender for cats, but nothing is in the works just yet. So, for the time being, this one is just for the dogs, and your couch/car/friends/family/Instagram feed will be thankful for it. 

Images via Shed Defender