Love Orange Cats? You'll Need These 8 Items

Orange is the new cat.
By: Aly Semigran
Orange cat

As far as colors go, orange has the upper hand on some pretty great things.

It has the best juice, the best Netflix show, and arguably, the very best cats. If you agree with the latter, then you’ll absolutely adore these orange cat-themed items that will make all other felines green with envy.

From mugs to leggings, orange you glad we found these kitty-inspired gifts for you?

An Orange Cat Tote


Whatcha lookin’ at, pussy cat? Versatile and sturdy, this awesomely large handmade orange-and-white cat print tote can join you on the beach or an overnight trip. Wherever you carry it, it’ll turn heads.

An Orange Cat Butt Pin


Cat lovers adore their pet all the way from their ears to their paws, and that includes their kitty butts. This hilarious, colorful orange cat butt enamel pin will look good on your bag, your jacket, but probably not your own butt.

An Orange Cat Mug


The best part of waking up, is orange cats on your mug. This 11-ounce, two-tone white ceramic mug has a lovely, swirling design bound to make it your go-to cup every morning.

An Orange Cat Ring


This stunning brass and enamel 18k gold handmade orange cat ring can be dressed up or dressed down with whatever you’re wearing. It’s the cat’s pajamas. Or, in this case, the cat’s ring.

An Orange Cat Vintage Figurine


Kept in great condition from the 1960’s, this vintage China figurine will make the perfect addition to your orange cat collection.

An Orange Lucky Cat Cell Phone Charm


Looking for a good luck charm? Consider the orange and beige Lucky Cat Smartphone Cell Phone Charm as an adorable everyday accessory.

An Orange Cat Paw Toy


Ridiculous? Sure. Plenty of fun to use as a prank or a toy for your own cat? You know it. The Orange Shorthair Cat Paw is as entertaining for humans as it is for cats, and for added effect, the furry plaything even provides sound effects.

A Pair of Garfield Leggings


C’mon, we weren’t going to leave pop culture’s most influential orange cat off the list. The polyester and spandex skinny leggings, featuring none other than the lasagna-loving icon, will look good any day of the week. Not Monday, though. Never Monday.

Images via Amazon/ Etsy