IKEA Now Has a Collection for Pets and Social Media Loves It

In fact, you could say they are Lurvig it.
By: Aly Semigran
IKEA pets

Get ready for some Swedish meatballs and prep the kids for the ball pit, because the internet is heading to IKEA.

In early October, the retail giant announced they would be releasing their first-ever line of pet furniture, accessories and products.

The collection, called Lurvig (which translates to, fittingly, shaggy), features everything from dog beds and cat houses to collars and water bowls. All with that signature, minimalistic IKEA style of course.

According to their website, IKEA says the items were made “by pet loving designers with support from trained veterinarians” to ensure cat and dog safety and health. You can watch more from the minds behind the initiative here

While PawCulture has long known that you can make IKEA furniture pet-friendly, Twitter was buzzing with the news that the retailer is now making products specifically for cats and dogs.

You can tell these folks had their giant blue bags raring to go:




Of course, some folks already hit up the store to do their IKEA pet shopping and shared their cats and dogs’ new goodies on Instagram:





So, see you guys at IKEA? Maybe just leave your significant other at home.

Images via YouTube; Twitter; Instagram