At Home With 3bulldogges

Get a glimpse into the cozy, comfortable home of these fun Bullies.
By: Deidre Grieves

Candy Nguyen has a thing for Bulldogs. Just one glance around her cozy, Easton, Pennsylvania home makes her love of the roll-y, hilarious dog breed very clear.

The Etsy crafter, who runs the pup pajama shop 3bulldogges, doesn’t shy away from filling her house with Bulldog knick-knacks and Frenchie décor. “I’d say Bulldog-related things in my house make up about 25 percent,” she tells PawCulture.

Nguyen proudly displays Bulldog pillows, statues, and bags throughout her home. She and her family drink out of French Bulldog mugs and curl up with Bulldog blankets. And the walls of her home pay tribute to Bullies with plenty of dog-inspired artwork and photos. Nguyen even calls her living room “Camp 3bulldogges” because of the two teepees that accent the room and give her own canine family members a cozy spot to rest.

Despite her business, and her wildly popular Instagram account, being titled 3Bulldogges, Nguyen is actually the pet parent to four pups. Sumo, Ayumi, Tonka, and Mochi provide endless inspiration—and a lot of laughs—in the family’s home. Their goofy antics and willingness to dress up in funny costumes have skyrocketed the Bulldogs to social media stardom. Their Instagram account has over 260,000 fans. “I started taking pictures of them and our Instagram account just kept growing with these crazy guys,” says Nguyen. “That’s what I like to do—to make people happy.”

When she’s not dressing up her pups for photo shoots, Nguyen is hard at work in her in-home studio sewing comfy and cute pajamas designed specifically for Bulldogs. “I couldn’t find pupjamas to fit Bulldogs because they are so wide, but short,” says Nguyen. “So I bought a sewing machine, some fabric, and I kept tinkering with it. Then I started selling them and they’ve been a hit. There’s nothing cuter than a dog in pajamas.” She sells her one-of-a-kind designs through her Etsy store.

Nguyen says that some people think she’s crazy for having four Bulldogs, but this devoted dog mom wouldn’t have it any other way. “It’s easy. We go outside, they hang out with the kids on the couch, they love to cuddle,” she says. “They’re really special to me because they bring our family together. They’re always there for you no matter what.”