9 Must-Have Items for Your Senior Cat

Everything old is cute again.
By: Aly Semigran
Senior cat

Whether you’ve had your cat since she was a kitten or you’ve opened your heart and home to an older feline later, senior cats fill our homes with love, comfort and wisdom.

Since there’s no age limit on giving your pet all the best things in life, you can always let your cat know they are still adored all these years later.

From the practical to the playful, these nine items are ideal for senior cats:

A Cozy Bed


As cats age, they may face certain physical limitations and health issues, including arthritis. You can make their life as comfortable as possible with the Armakat cat bed. With the oh-so-cozy faux suede and velvet material and no-skid bottom, she’ll be content to curl up for hours.

A Litter Box Just for Seniors


A lifesaver for households with older and arthritic cats, the KittyGoHere litter box is made with senior pets in mind. The easy-to-enter and low-to-the-ground box is also wide for cats who need the extra space to do their business.

A Stimulating Toy for Senior Cats


Just because your cat is in her golden years doesn’t mean she doesn’t want (or need) mental and physical stimulation. This interactive toy box from Singyep, which taps into a cat’s natural instincts (including hunting and hiding), should turn any couch potato into an active senior.

A Ramp or Set of Steps


Maybe your cat needs a little assistance getting up to the bed, the couch, or her favorite cat tree as she gets a little grayer in the paws. No need to worry, the Paws & Purrs portable pet stairs and ramp is here to help her get from point a to point b with ease.

A Soft Bristle Brush for Senior Cats


Your cat will always appreciate a grooming session from you (and you’ll appreciate the lack of shedding on your stuff). This extra soft, extra efficient cat brush from LA Beauty Labs uses boar bristles to gently massage and groom your cat, all while stimulating her skin and coat and removing loose hair.

A Portable Pop-Up Tent

If you don’t have a catio but still want to give your senior cat the feel for the great outdoors and some fresh air, Nala and Company’s pop-up pet tent is a great alternative. You can have your senior cat by your side while you enjoy your garden, and allow her to see, smell, and hear everything around her.

A Heated Pad for Senior Cats


Ideal for the fall and winter months, the K&H Thermo-Kitty mat ensures that your senior cat stays at a comfortably warm temperature inside no matter how cold it is outside.

A Catnip Pillow to Soothe Seniors

While not all senior cats love catnip, for the ones that adore the treat, these soft yet sturdy homemade catnip pillows will quickly become one of the most beloved things around the house.

Dental Treats for Cat Teeth


Since dental issues are a major concern when it comes to senior cats, you’ll want to give her food and treats that promote healthy teeth. Purina’s DentaLife Dental Cat Treats is a favorite among pet parents, but as is the case with everything for your cat, especially in her senior years, it’s best to consult with your veterinarian first before adding anything new to her diet.

Images via Amazon; Etsy