9 Gifts to Give Someone with a New Kitten

Items that are as helpful as they are adorable.
By: Aly Semigran
Man with kitten

So, someone in your life has welcomed a new kitten into their home and their heart. How lucky for you—not only do you get to be a kitten aunt or uncle yourself, you get to spoil the new family member with all sorts of amazing presents.

From the must-haves to the fun and frisky toys, these items will be life savers to new kitten owners and may just prompt you to become a kitten parent (or foster) yourself!

Toys, Toys and More Toys

Kittens are inherently very playful creatures and usually have a ton of energy to burn. Toys will keep them occupied while providing valuable (and, of course, hilariously adorable) bonding time for the kitten and their human.

Kitty will get hours of entertainment out of Tumbler Kitten Toy Balls Interactive, a toy that is constantly in motion (just like them!) and has feathers for them to bat at.

Just remember: a pet parent should always be on hand during playtime to ensure their pet’s safety, especially in the case of smaller, younger kittens.


While some kittens may not immediately crave catnip, you can introduce it to them in small doses with the help of an oh-so-cute catnip toy.

The owl-themed catnip toys from smilingfrogpets are not only trendy (put an owl on it!) but eco-conscious and stuffed with recycled polyester stuffing. It’ll be a hoot watching them play with these.


Of course, the new pet parent will want to play with their kitty as much as they can, so an interactive gift like the Cat Charmer Wand Teaser Toy will be a hit with both parties.


Pet parents will get to play one-on-one with their new BFF and kitty will get to run, jump and bat after the wand for hours on end.

A Kitten Bed

Kittens need plenty of rest, and they’ll need a cozy cat bed to nap in.

They’ll stay warm as can be in the electricity-free Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bed. Covered in plush, faux lamb’s wool, the bed generates warmth from the pet’s own body heat.


It may be tempting to try and cuddle up with them in this bed, but sorry, human, there is simply no room for you in there.

A Frame to Commemorate Their New Kitty

As any pet parent can attest, you take roughly one million pictures of your furry best friend (and when they’re tiny, it’s probably closer to one trillion).

While most of our photos live on our phones, a picture frame will ensure that kitty’s photos live in the home as well.


This frame by MyRusticPlace says it all: “You had me at meow.”

An Identification Tag

Even if your friend or family member’s new kitty is microchipped, they should still have proper identification.

PersonalBlessings makes a cat ID tag that’s both fashionable and very helpful, letting buyers have the option of putting the kitty’s name, if they are chipped, and a contact number.


A Litter Box

It’s not the cutest gift on our list, but it may just be the most-needed one: a litter box. Better yet, an Arm & Hammer Kitten Starter Kit.

The kit comes with litter and a box, which is made with both antimicrobial protection and a low-front entry for tiny kitties to make their way in with ease.


Cleaning Supplies

Again, not the most glamorous gift, but a new kitten mama or papa will be thankful to have as many cleaning supplies as possible.

As kitty learns how to become house-trained, it’s inevitable that accidents are going to happen, and the organically-made Nature’s Miracle Original Stain & Odor Remover makes the process worry free.

Stain and odor remover

A Kitten Carrier

Whether they need a carrier to bring their kitty home from the shelter or they’re planning on taking road trips with their lil’ partner by their side, the Marsboy Portable Pet Carrier is a perfect fit.

Made especially for smaller animals like kittens, this airline-approved carrier is comfortable for the cat and has mesh paneling so pet parents can easily look in on them.

Kitten carrier

A Kitty Card

Looking for a way to say congrats? This sweet handmade card from apaperaffaire will make any new kitten parent’s day.

From the adorable bowtie-wearing kitty on the front to the lovely message inside, which reads “So cute and cuddly, so sweet and fun, congratulations on your new little one,” it’s the purrrr-fect sentiment.


Bonus Gift for Foster Kittens: Nursing Bottle

A nursing kit is essential for someone taking care of a newborn kitten.

Made especially for hand-feeding kittens, the PetAg Complete Nursing Kits & Replacement Nipples for Kittens comes with a two-ounce bottle and nipple set. Simply put, this is a must-have for a kitten in need and their caretaker.


Images via Amazon; Etsy