8 Rainy Day Items for Your Dog

Cloudy with a chance of cuteness.
By: Aly Semigran
Rainy day dog

Even though our dogs bring sunshine into our lives every single day, the weather forecast isn’t always as bright.

When the clouds roll in, some dogs will happily go splish-splash in the puddles outside, while others want to stay as far away from the storms as possible.

Whatever your dog’s rainy day M.O. is, we’ve got you covered. From the adorable to the practical, these eight items will really come in handy when it’s raining cats and, well, you know.

Doggie Raincoat


Come rain or shine (in this case, rain), dogs will need to go outside for a walk to do their business. You can bundle up your buddy with the American Kennel Club-approved Jelly Wellies Premium Quality Waterproof Reflective Deluxe Raincoat with polar fleece lining. Available in various colors and sizes, this durable raincoat can weather any storm.

Doggie Rain Booties

DogBootiesWhether your dog has sensitive paws, or you’re simply worried about her dragging in mud or debris from the rainy conditions outside, these waterproof booties from Bonve Pet will keep her paws dry. Even better, the anti-slip soles also work in snowy conditions, too.

Doggie Umbrella


When it’s raining, raining, your dog can stand under her very own umbrella (ella, ella) thanks to this customizable, hand-painted one. The item features a leash/harness connector chain piece at the bottom of the umbrella, so that you don’t have to hold the umbrella over her as you go for your walk.

Doggie Thunder Shirt


An absolute lifesaver for dogs who suffer from anxiety during storms: the snug, yet comfy Thunder Shirt helps create a calming, cuddling effect for your scared pup. No more hiding under the bed for this gal.

Doggie Waterproof Blanket


Perfect for when you have to transport your dog on a rainy day, this waterproof blanket works for both indoor and outdoor use, and will keep your doggie (and your stuff) bone dry.

Doggie Doormat


Your pupper won’t want to (or be able to) drag any mud in the house after a rainy walk, thanks to this classic doormat that says it all.

Doggie Wipes


Even if your canine companion does track a little bit of mud inside, you won’t have to worry with Burt’s Bees multipurpose wipes. You can use the gentle wipes to clean off her paws or help attack that wet dog smell coming from her coat.

Doggie Soup Bone Treats

What’s the one food you crave on rainy days? Why, soup, of course! Treat your dog to some tasty and nutritious comfort food with the Rachael Ray Nutrish Soup Bones Minis Dog Treats. Available in chicken or beef flavors, this is the perfect rainy day snack for your pup.

Images via Amazon; Etsy