8 Posh Items to Pamper Your New Puppy

Pretty doggone luxurious, if you ask us.
By: Aly Semigran
New puppy

If you ask us, puppies are the cutest lil’ creatures in the whole wide world, and they should be rewarded accordingly for bringing us such joy and love.

In addition to the essentials you need to give your new puppy to ensure their health and happiness as they grow, there’s nothing wrong with treating them to some lavish gifts, too.

We found some posh, puppy-friendly items for the newest, sweetest and cuddliest member of your family. After all, they’ve earned it.

A Puppy Cashmere Sweater


For three-pound puppies or smaller, this stylish and cozy handmade sweater, made of wool and cashmere, will keep them warm and fashionable.

A Puppy Teepee

puppyteepeeGive your pupper a place to play and nap (two of their very favorite things) in this cozy, modern puppy teepee.

A Personalized Puppy ID Tag

Dog tag

After you’ve had your puppy microchipped, you can ensure that they’ll be properly identified and stylish to boot with this personalized, sterling silver ID tag. The heart-shaped tag has your pup’s name on one side and your contact number on the other.

A Puppy Activity Toy and Feeder


This wooden activity toy not only keeps puppies stimulated with a variety of games, it also teaches slower eating thanks to food hidden in boxes.

A Puppy Drinking Fountain

Dog water dish

No ordinary water dish will do when it comes to your new pup, which is where the Drinkwell fountain comes in. Your pup will stay hydrated, thanks to the 50-ounce water capacity, and you’ll have piece of mind knowing there’s a replaceable carbon water filter, which keeps everything fresh.

A Puppy Playpen


Puppies will occasionally need a place to safely rest and play and, thanks to this versatile pet playpen, you can provide that for your growing canine at home or on the go.

A Puppy Treat Jar


When you reward your puppy for good behavior and training, you’ll want to have fresh and healthy treats ready to go. This personalized jar will give your kitchen a splash of simple decor and your puppy something to look forward to.

A Portable Puppy Carrier


Your pup will never be left behind thanks to this portable, airline-approved dog carrier. Trip to Hawaii, anyone?

Images via Amazon, Etsy