8 Perfect Presents for Puggle Parents

Pug + Beagle = Awesome
By: Aly Semigran
Puggle and parent

Puggle: a fun word to say and an even more fun dog to have as a pet.

The Puggle, a crossbreed between a Pug and a Beagle, has an endlessly amusing disposition and an unwavering affection for their humans.

Know a Puggle parent? Pick up a few of these Puggle-inspired items they’ll love having at home.

Now, once more with feeling: PUGGLES!

A Puggle Mug(gle)


If you love a Puggle, you likely love his or her sweet little mug, so it only makes sense to combine those two things into, well, a mug. This handmade 11-ounce ceramic mug says it all: “All You Need is Love and a Puggle.” We couldn’t agree more.

A Puggle Pillow Cover


For all those Puggles welcome to snuggle on the couch and/or bed, this 18-inch handmade pillow cover shows the chic silhouette of a cuddly Puggle. Available in custom colors, it is bound to match any room’s decor.

A Printed Puggle Tote 


Any Puggle parent will totes adore this handmade cotton twill canvas bag. Whether you take it grocery shopping or out and about, this sturdy tote featuring an adorable print of a Puggle is as cute as it is versatile. 

A Puggle Cuff 


The ideal piece of jewelry for a Puggle lover: this handmade aluminum cuff bracelet, engraved with the sentiment “I Love My Puggle,” can be worn for every kind of occasion.

A Puggle Stamp of Approval


Puggle fan will surely give this item their stamp of approval. The Sitting Puggle Dog Rubber Stamp, which measures 1 7/8” x 1 1/2”, is made on a high-quality white maple wood block and is ideal for art projects and sending letters.

A Print to Say It All

puggle print

A Puggle is worth a thousand words, and this handmade print finds most of them. Using Puggle-related words to illustrate the breed, artist Rebecca Noel has done her research, from the Puggle’s playful mind, all the way down to their curious paws.

A Puggle Snuggle Decal


Of the many wonderful things about Puggles, the fact that the breed’s name rhymes with “snuggles” is pretty appropriate. Let your Puggle snuggler show off their favorite activity with a “Someone Needs a Puggle Snuggle” decal, which they can put on their laptop, car or phone.

A Plush Puggle

Plush Puggle toy

For those moments when you don’t have your Puggle nearby to snuggle, this soft (and shed-free!) Webkinz plush is a perfectly adorable substitute.

Images via Amazon; Etsy