12 Must-Have French Bulldog-Inspired Items

Pieces as irresistible as the breed itself.
By: Aly Semigran
French Bulldogs

Whether you’re a pet parent to a French Bulldog (lucky you!) or simply an admirer of their irresistible features and personalities, there’s a whole market out there just for you. 

From shower curtains to sweaters, putting a French Bulldog on something instantly makes it so much better. Here are our favorite breed-inspired items to make your home and style all the more Frenchie: 

A Quirky Sweater 


We promise you don’t have to be a hipster to wear this hilarious and fashionable Frenchie-in-hipster-glasses sweater, but it will instantly make you cooler. 

A New Coffee Mug 


Did you know that French drip coffee tastes better when it’s consumed from a French Bulldog mug? It’s true! This multi-colored ceramic coffee cup is truly the only way to start the day. 

A Tote Bag 


Everyone will be totes jealous (get it?!) when they see you sporting this handmade cotton tote bag. Adorned with a very French French Bulldog (Breton shirt and all), it’s simply le best accessory. 

A Frenchie-Face Ring

If you like it then you shoulda put a French Bulldog ring on it (whoa oh oh)! This stunning 18k gold handmade cream-colored ring is the best bling money can(ine) buy. 

An Action Figure 


If you’re already a Funko POP collector, this fab Frenchie figurine will make a welcome addition. And, if you’re not, what better way to start than with this little guy? 

A Custom Stamper 


Signed, sealed, delivered, this awesome return address stamp is yours. With a Frenchie silhouette, this item is personalized to show the most important place in the world: where your doggo resides. 

A Silly (But True) Magnet 


“Who farted?” When you live with a Frenchie, there’s a 99.99% chance it’s the dog. This on-point magnet makes the inevitable occurrence that much funnier when it’s there as a reminder on your fridge. 


A Fabulous Pin


How fitting that this handmade pin adds flair to your flair?! Any Frenchie parent can attest that they are covered in their pup’s hair, but as this pin so perfectly puts it, who says it can’t be a fashion statement? 

A Doormat 


Let the world know (and, okay, the mailman) that a Frenchie not only lives here, but they are king of the castle. The only downside to this French Bulldog silhouette doormat is that you might not want to wipe your paws on it. 

A Handmade Print 


Created on gloss paper, this colorful, original French Bulldog print is a fun work of art for any room in your house. After all, your Frenchie is a star in his own right, so why not have a snazzy print that showcases his spirit? 

A Car Decal 

French Bulldog Car Decal

Frenchie on board! Even if they’re not physically in the car with you, you can show off your ride-or-die BFF with this car vinyl decal sticker of a lovable French Bulldog. 


A Necklace 


Since you already keep your Frenchie close to your heart, it only makes sense to keep them even closer. These handmade necklaces—which come in gold, silver and rose gold—show how much you loves your best friend, and thanks to the darling heart detail, how it’s reciprocal. 

Images via Etsy; Amazon