12 Cat-Themed Accessories You NEED in Your Life

Cover yourself head-to-toe in kitties!
By: Aly Semigran
Stylish cat

In an ideal world, we’d be able to bring our cats everywhere with us (think of how cute they’d be sitting in your lap at the movies), but since we can’t, we’ve got to find other ways to show off our feline spirit. 

Luckily, there are some amazing, inspired and, of course, adorable cat-themed accessories out there to help us do just that. 

Here are 12 must-have, kitty-centric accessories for every cat lover to add to their life:

Cat Earrings


These cat earrings from Sscarletts not only have an out-of-this-world design, but they are also made with hypoallergenic studs. Everyone in the galaxy (cat, human, or otherwise) will be totally into these unique fashion statements. 

Cat Socks 


If you want to be covered in cats from head-to-toe, you definitely can’t leave your toes out. These comfy cotton kitty socks by JJMax range from women’s sizes 5-10, and have adorable kitty designs on the toe and the heel. 

Cat Necklace 


There’s no cooler cat in the fashion world than Betsey Johnson, so of course she’d design the coolest feline necklace out there. This cubic zirconia stone pendant necklace will be an eye-catching addition to your ensemble. 

Cat iPad Cover 


No one will mess with you or your iPad Mini 2 when they see this no-nonsense kitty on your case. The ESR-designed case is easy to use and has all the functions you need for your iPad. Plus, there’s a funny cat on it!


If you have a fella in your life that’s as much a fan of cats as he is of the late, great David Bowie, you have just fund the ultimate accessory for them. These handmade metal and plywood links by oolaladesign are the perfect tribute to the original “cat guy” himself.  

Cat Coin Purse 


If you’re saving your pennies to buy your kitty some gourmet treats or a fancy new cat bed, you’re going to need to put your loose change somewhere. That somewhere, natch, is this stylish cat-themed coin purse from ChloeSewery (sweet orange cat pictured is sadly not included). 

Cat Tote Bag


You’ll need somewhere to store your new kitty coin purse, and this wonderful, handmade tote by Mybebecadum had us at meow. 

Cat Ring 


This sterling silver cat ring by ArbotiqueDesigns is something you’ll wear everyday. It’s simple, it’s sweet, and shows off your favorite thing in the world: cats!

Cat Watch 


If you ask us, it’s always cat o’clock, and now this black and silver kitty wristwatch from Lux Accessories makes it so. 

Cat Keychain 


The great thing about this keychain by NgoCreations is that you can engrave your name on it, your cat’s name on it, or make it a gift and put a loved one’s name on it. 

Cat Beanie  


Beanie hats look cute on everyone, and beanies with cats on them are even cuter. The Pusheen Cuffed Beanie with Ears is as cozy as, well, a fluffy kitty. 

Cat Gloves 


Sorry, Charlie, while we’re a fan of your Kitten Mittons, we’ve gotta go with these fingerless cat-inspired gloves from beyazdukkan. They are handmade with wool and soft acrylic yarn and they’re just as darling as can be. 

Images via Amazon; Etsy