10 Pet-Themed Items for Your Beach House

Because cats and dogs deserve a vacation home, too.
By: Aly Semigran
Dog at beach house

In an ideal world, your dream beach house would be filled with fun, family and, of course, your furry best friends.

Whether you bring your cat or dog down to your shore house for holidays and weekends or if they spend the entire summer with you at your home away from home, pets are just as much as part of the ambience as breezy sunsets and sandy toes.

For pet lovers who want to make their beach house a cozy and safe vacation space for their animal companions, these ten items are a must:

A Totally Righteous Tote


When you’ve got a beach-loving pet, you’re going to be toting around a lot of toys and treats. This handmade beach bag is a must-have, particularly because it is covered in excellent surfer Dachshunds. Surf’s up, pup!

A Luxurious Litterbox


Your cat needs her litter box no matter where she spends their summers, and thanks to the Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box, you’ll get something that’s both fabulous beach decor and a feline necessity. Modeled to look like a clay pot, the plant on top makes for a tropical setting while your cat does her business inside the filtered and vented box.

A Whale of a Dog Feeder


Keep your beach-dwelling dog fed and hydrated with this handmade, personalized, elevated dog feeder. Available in both large and small sizes to best fit your pup, this whale-themed feeder also includes two 3-quart stainless steel bowls.

A State-ment Piece


Beach house art can too often get a bad rap, but this creative, license-plate letter sign gives an edgier look to any home. (It’s not all seashells!) Plus, if you have a beach house that’s home to both cats and dogs, this really says it all.

A Pup-Sized Pool Float


The SwimWays Spring Float Paddle Paws Dog Pool Float is great for dogs of all shapes and sizes that know how to swim, enjoy cooling off in the pool and are under supervision from their owner at all times. Remember, this mesh-material float is for pool useonly, and it should never be used in the ocean.

The Best Beach Accessory: A Taco Cat Towel


You know how frustrating it can be when you try to find your towel in a sea of towels on a crowded beach. When you are laying out on the out-of-this-world, TacoCat beach towel, however, you can pretty much guarantee that will never happen again (same goes for when you drape the towel over the balcony at your beach house).

Dog-Themed Flip Flops

dogflipflopPerfect for when you’re taking your pup for their morning walk or kicking up your feet, the adorable Havaianas Women’s Slim Pets Sandal will be your favorite fashion statement this summer. Adorned with dainty dogs in top hats and sunglasses, you’ll want to wear these durable flip flops year round.

A Pawfect Welcome Mat


Stop your guests (four-legged or otherwise) from tracking sand into your home with this versatile, handmade doormat. This beige and black welcome mat can be used at your summer escape, as well as your home when the season is over.

A Pop-Up Tent


Ideal for lounging with your dog by your side, the Lightspeed Outdoors Mini Pop Up Beach Tent Sun Shade provides a shady refuge for pups who have been playing in the surf and sand. Easy to assemble, it’s a must-have for any beachgoers who bring their dog along.

A Bottle of Sunscreen


If your canine spends the summer outdoors, you need to provide him with the same protection you give your human family members. Keep a bottle (or two) of dog-friendly Epi-Pet Sun Protector Spray at the front door (so you can remember before you head outside) or in your handy, new beach bag. No summer home is complete without it.

Images via Etsy; Amazon