10 Lavish Items to Spoil Your New Kitten

From laps to luxury.
By: Aly Semigran
New kitten

When you welcome a new kitten into your household, all you want to do is cuddle them and let them know how much you already love them. 

But that’s not the only way to show your kitten you’re smitten. As a newfound pet parent, it’s hard not to go a little overboard when it comes to showing our affections, especially when it comes to gifts. 

We found ten of the most over-the-top presents to spoil your new kitten with because, let’s be honest, they deserve it:

For the Queen of the Cat-stle 


Your kitten is definitely going to rule the roost, so why not give her the proper setting to survey her mighty empire? The My Kitty Darling Castle is designed especially for kittens and small breed cats, so they can learn early on that they’re royalty. 

For the Paparazzi Avoider 


Kitties have their pictures taken … a lot. But your adorable housemate needs some moments of privacy, especially when she’s using the bathroom. After proper litter training, she’ll be thankful for some solitude and space with Petsfit’s bi-level cat house/litter box

For the Precious Gem 


In addition to getting your kitten microchipped, she’ll be easy to ID while wearing this lovely little sterling silver and moonstone gem-encrusted tag. Who says that accessories can’t be flashy and life saving? 

For the Laser Lover 

CatLaserToyIt’s pretty much a science that cats are instinctively drawn to lasers, so why not give your kitten the freedom to use up all her kitten energy and play whenever she wants? The FIRIK automatic rotating interactive light toy will keep your cat entertained for hours. 

For the Out-of-this-World Explorer 


Your kitten is learning about all the amazing wonders of the world, so allow your little explorer to see what’s going on in an innovative, space-inspired Pettom cat bubble carrier. 

For the Snazzy Snoozer 


For as much as they like to play, kittens also need their rest. Your pet will get a good night’s (and morning and afternoon) sleep with the Keter Knit Cozy Luxury Lounge Bed. Not only will the bed look good in your home, but it’s filled with creature comforts like washable plush cushions. 

For the Fine Diner 


Cat food may not look like the most appealing thing in the world, but your kitty will feel like a high-class diner when she’s eating out of this vintage Norma Sherman Calico Royal Crownford Staffordshire dish

For the Window Watcher 


Arguably the best feline leisure item, the Humane Society-approved Kitty Cot allows your cat to enjoy the sights of the outdoors from the comfort and safety of their favorite window. 

For the Treat Taster


Humans and fellow pets alike will know to keep their paws off of this custom-made hand painted glass treat jar, crafted with a photo of your pet and her name. 

And, of course, you’re going to have to fill that jar with some decadent treats, like Blue Buffalo Wilderness Cat Treats.


Images via Etsy; Amazon