DIY Polka Dot Dog Bandana

Watch how to make a stylish DIY polka dot bandana for your dog.
By: Tori Mistick

The best part about this simple DIY project? You’ll be able to make two bandanas with one T-shirt—perfect for sharing with a friend.

DIY Dog Bandana Supplies

  • An old T-shirt
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Chalk
  • A pencil with an eraser
  • Gold fabric paint


  • Draw a dot 9 inches up from the hem of the T-shirt.
  • Cut diagonally from the bottom corners up to the dot to make a triangle.
  • Dip your pencil eraser in the metallic paint.
  • Stamp dots around the triangle.
  • Let dry.

DIY dog bandana steps