DIY Pet-Themed Halloween Décor

Spare us the spiderwebs and try this instead!
By: Cara Wengen
Pet Halloween decor

Halloween is always a fun holiday to decorate for, but one thing we don’t always take into consideration is the health and safety of our pets.

So, how do we fix this while still getting into the spirit of the holiday? With pet-friendly décor, of course.

Consider transforming your favorite pet photos into hilarious, adorable and timeless pieces of art that you can use on Halloween and for seasons to come?

Pet Halloween Décor Supplies

DIY Halloween Decor Supplies

  • (3) 8”x 10” prints of your pet
  • (3) 8”x 10” picture frames
  • Miscellaneous stickers and props (I used an old wig, scrapbook stickers and foam cut-outs.)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun

Pet Halloween Décor Instructions


Start by deciding what “costumes” you would like your pet to be showcased in (our themes were “Fiesta Fun”,“Girly-Girl” and “Old Geezer”). Head to your local craft store with your pet photos in hand and see what props will work best for your photo.


It is very important to make sure your stickers and props are proportionate to the photos you have selected. Lay out what you think you will want your costumes to look like, but do not glue anything down until you know they’re right.


Once you have perfected your pet photo costumes, adhere your props and stickers using your hot glue gun. Using your scissors, trim off any access or anything that hangs outside the designated 8”x 10” photo.


Allow all glue and adhesive to dry. Place your photos into your frames, being mindful of your hanging points on the back of the frames. In other words, make sure you don’t put the photos in upside down.


Once you have your photos set and in their frames, find a spot in your home where they can be on display. Mix your photos with other pet-friendly décor, such as plastic pumpkins and flameless candles.

Then admire your work and enjoy the holiday season!