DIY Catnip Wand Toy

Catnip + wand = best toy ever.
By: Nicole Pajer
Cat playing with toy

Anyone who owns a cat knows the magic of catnip—some cats absolutely love it. Most cats also enjoy a wand toy, so one that’s infused with catnip can take play time to the next level. Your cat will love to chase the little fabric ball at the bottom, which you can bob around for them again and again. And when they eventually catch the ball, they will be rewarded with the sweet smell of their beloved herb.

DIY Catnip Toy Supplies

DIY catnip toy supplies

  • 1 wooden rod (make sure it’s wide enough so that you can drill a hole through it)
  • String (make sure it’s thin enough to fit through the drilled hole but also sturdy enough to hold up when your cat is playing with the toy)
  • Patterned fabric of your choice. I used a piece of fabric that was one square foot.
  • Scissors
  • A power drill
  • 1 package of catnip

Catnip Toy Instructions

Take the wood stick and drill a hole through it, about a half-inch below the top.

Note: If you don’t want to drill a hole through the wooden stick, or if you don’t have a drill, you can tie the string around the top as an alternate. Just make sure that you tie it extra tight so that it holds up while your cat is batting away at the toy that you will attach to it.

DIY catnip toy step 1

Cut a piece of string to your desired length (mine was three feet). Feed it through the hole in the pole and tie a knot. Make sure the knot is secure. You can burn the end of it with a lighter if you’d like to really solidify it.

DIY catnip toy step 2

Take your fabric and cut it into a square.

DIY catnip toy step 3

Spoon out some catnip into the center of the fabric square.

DIY catnip toy step 4

Bunch the fabric up into a little ball. Cut another piece of string and wrap it continuously around the top of the fabric ball to secure it. Double knot it to hold it in place.

DIY catnip toy step 5

Take the string that is attached to the pole and loop it through the string securing the fabric ball together. Secure this in place with a double knot.

Trim any excess string from the ends of the knotted string.

DIY catnip toy finished

Holding the pole, bat the toy around and play with your cat. Move the pole around to engage your cat’s hunting skills. Occasionally let him grab it and roll around with the catnip to enjoy.