Watch: ‘Parks and Rec’ Star Jim O’Heir Plays with Adoptable Pets

April would be so proud of Jerry/Larry/Terry/Garry.
By: Aly Semigran

On the beloved sitcom  “Parks and Recreation,” Jerry/Larry/Terry/Garry Gergich/Gengurch made a lot of missteps, from ripping his pants during a meeting to forgetting to vote for his friend and colleague Leslie Knope during her city council election.

The laughable and lovable character was played by the ultimate good sport, Jim O’Heir, who is anything but mistake-prone. Exhibit A: the actor/comedian recently filmed a video in conjunction with PAWS Chicago and The A.V. Club, in which he plays with adoptable puppies and kittens.

The clip is a minute and a half of pure joy, as you watch an elated O’Heir declare, “Puppies!” upon his visit to the PAWS Chicago Lincoln Park Adoption Center.

The star gleefully plays with some seriously cute (and adoptable!) puppies and kittens, and it’s so delightful that even April wouldn’t be able to help but crack a smile.

Sarah Ahlberg McDonald, the associate director of media & community relations for PAWS Chicago, says that O’Heir is a bona fide animal lover, who, in between filming and playing with the cats and dogs, asked questions about the important work the shelter is doing (PAWS Chicago is currently the largest no-kill humane center in the Midwest).

And yes, “Parks and Rec” fans, there is something of a Jerry moment when one of O’Heir’s new friends has an accident on him. The actor doesn’t let it get to him, though, reassuring the pup, “That happens. I do the same thing!”

Watch the heartwarming video above, and click here to get all the information about the adoptable pets.

Image via PAWS Chicago