These Adorable Dog Engagement Photos are the Ultimate Couple Goals

A love story for the ages.
By: Aly Semigran
Sebastian and Luna

“People love a love story, especially a dog love story.”

Never has a truer statement been spoken, no less by someone who truly understands the appeal of an adorable dog love story.

That’s because Emily Abril is the pet parent to a French Bulldog named Sebastian and a Pomeranian named Luna, a famous canine Instagram couple whose recent engagement photo shoot had the Internet swooning.

Taken at the height of the beloved cherry blossom season in Washington D.C., Abril (a former photographer herself) captured the very essence of Sebastian and Luna: adorable opposites.

Sebastian and Luna 1

“They’re just so different, but they compliment each other,” she says. “They are very connected and bonded.”

The dogs, both three years old, have grown up together and their journey to Instagram sensations was an unexpected one. Abril, who adopted both dogs just a month apart from each other, initially started the Instagram account to document them growing up (and wearing cute outfits, of course).

Then, a friend of Abril’s had the brilliant idea to make them a couple and Sebastian Loves Luna was born.

Abril said fans of the page (which is over 66,000 to date) would tag their significant others as Sebastian or Luna, respectively. “I love that they can create happiness for other people,” she says.

Sebastian and Luna 2

Although Sebastian and Luna had a brief split in 2016 (!), the pair quickly reconciled and got engaged, much to the relief of their followers.

Though no date has been set yet, Abril says the pair would likely have a spring 2018 wedding. If she does plan the nuptials for her dogs, Abril says she wants it to go beyond just having cute pictures for the Internet.

“If we do a wedding, the plan would be to get the wedding registry to benefit an animal organization.”

Sebastian and Luna 3

Wedding or not, Abril has already begun using her pups’ celebrity status to raise awareness and funds for animal welfare. Recently, the duo participated in a Humane Rescue Alliance fashion show where, they—hold on to your hearts—cried when they were briefly separated from one another.

“They live a good life, so if we can give back just a little bit to dogs that don’t have these advantages, that’s the goal,” she says.

Images via @sebastianlovesluna