'Under-Dogs' Photo Series Provides a New Perspective on Pups

See how photographer Andrius Burba captured the pics.
By: Aly Semigran
Underdog photo by Andrius Burba

Dogs spend their entire lives looking up to us humans (both physically and emotionally), but thanks to the amazing work of photographer Andrius Burba, the script has been flipped.

After the major success of his “Under-Cats” series, in which Burba captured cats’ cute paws and funny expressions from a whole new angle, he widened his lens to include horses, rabbits, and of course, dogs

It certainly takes a lot of love and patience to set up a glass-bottomed stage for the subjects to stand on and catch the right moment (you can see exactly how Burba captured some of his photos in this behind-the-scenes video).

Underdog photo 1

From the funny to the fascinating, the “Underlook” series gives animal lovers a totally different perspective. It did for Burba, and not just in terms of the photos themselves, but the animal’s behaviors while being photographed. 

“Cats think they are gods, [whereas] dogs see humans as God,” he says. 

Burba, who is based in Lithuania, says that these projects have not only changed his life professionally, but personally as well. Before photographing animals, Burba mostly shot for fashion and advertising. Since his “Underlook” series has taken off, he says, “I’m an animal person now. I love them.” (Burba even got a rabbit of his own after shooting the “Under-Rabbit” series.)

Underdog Photo 2

Whether he’s learning about feline attitude or how to properly take care of a horse, Burba wants to keep learning about animals of all shapes and sizes. In fact, he’s beginning work on an “Under-Tiger” series, with a possible elephant series, too. 

Of course, the human fascination with animals is what has made Burba’s creative work such a hit. As he tells PawCulture, “I’m happy people love these photos.” 

Images via Andrius Burba