Hollywood Comes Out to Support Stand Up for Pits

Stars talk about how much they love the misunderstood dog breed.
By: Nicole Pajer
Kaley Cuoco picks up a Pit Bull Dog on the red carpet

On Saturday night, a group of Pit Bull enthusiasts got together at the Hollywood Improv Theater to celebrate their love of the breed. The annual Stand Up for Pits fundraiser featured comedic performances by Margaret Cho, Bill Burr, Josh Wolf, and Stand Up for Pits Foundation founder Rebecca Corry. The comedic actress was inspired to launch the organization by her personal experience with rescuing and rehabilitating an abandoned Pit Bull named Angel. After coming across the badly injured and abused dog in a Los Angeles-based shelter, she took her home and the two bonded instantaneously. It was then that Corry vowed to do what she could to help put a stop to the cruel mistreatment of Pit Bulls.

“Stand up for Pits is a nonprofit foundation that is dedicated to ending the abuse and the discrimination of Pit Bull type dogs,” Corry told PawCulture. “We believe pits are born inherently good and they have been vilified and victimized unfairly and we want to stop it!”

Pit Bull dog poses on the red carpet

The dog advocate says that her relationship with Angel, who passed away earlier this year, was “magical.” She hasn’t been able to bring herself to replace the void the loss of her dog left in her heart. However, Corry has vowed to continue to dedicate her time towards fighting for Pit Bulls in her former dog’s honor. “I think our society needs to focus on the other side of the leash and hold some humans accountable for their actions,” she explained. “Fortunately we’ve been able to reach some people nationally and internationally and we will keep doing it until the senseless killing of our favorite breed stops.”

“I’m a huge dog lover and I’ve gotten sucked in by these big blockheads,” chirped Kaley Cuoco, who served as the host for the evening. Upon hitting on the red carpet, the Big Bang Theory actress immediately scooped up Todd, a black pit mix that is part of the Stand Up For Pit Bull family. “Pits are incredible dogs and I tell that to everyone on a daily basis,” she told PawCulture. The bubbly blonde, who was clad in an official Stand Up For Pit’s tee, took a moment to rave about her two rescued pups that she has at home. “Norman and Shirley are my Pit mixes,” she explained. “They have completely changed my life.”

Cuoco rescued Norman nine years ago after he was found on the side of the road with a broken leg. “He was in a shelter and his name was Storm because they found him during a storm. I renamed him and took him home the day I saw him,” she explained. Several years later, Cuoco adopted Shirley after a litter of puppies was dumped on the road and the tiny dog was in need of a home. “It was almost six years ago and she turned out to be an amazing dog. So I’m just thrilled with both of them,” the actress added.

Cuoco, who has volunteered with the organization for the past five years, says her mission is to curb the bad reputation that Pit Bulls receive. “The goal is to end discrimination and save as many of these dogs as we possibly can and get the word out that they are unbelievable dogs,” she noted. “You got to a shelter and 90% of it are Pit Bulls and that is a huge problem. So I am here to lend my voice any which way I can and save as many lives as we possibly can.”

Rebecca Corry and Cheri Oteri support Pit Bulls

Saturday Night Live alum, Cheri Oteri, who attended the event to support her pal Corry, admitted that she’s in awe of what her friend has accomplished in the name of Pit Bulls advocacy. “Through her love for Angel, Rebecca has been able to make a difference in the lives of so many of these dogs that are misunderstood and mistreated,” she said. “What she’s done is beautiful.”

Ricki Lake mentioned that after having personally witnessed the bond between Corry and Angel, the organization is now very near and dear to her heart. “[Rebecca] is a hero of mine!” she exclaimed. “I was lucky enough to get to know Angel. She was a good friend of mine and we are all here in honor of her and to support all of these dogs that are inherently good beings and deserve a good chance at life and love.”

MADtv’s Mo Collins and her husband Alex Skuby have been supporting Stand Up For Pits since the organization’s commencement and were proud to rave about their two Pit mixes that they have added to their clan. “Charlotte we found in the parking lot of a Jack in the Box. Someone abandoned her and gave her to a homeless man who didn’t have the means to care for her,” Collins said. “She’s a blue Pit mixed with a Chihuahua,” added Skuby. The couple also owns a senior Boxer-Pit mix named Hobart.

In addition to an evening of side-splitting comedy, the event featured an on site dog adoption hosted by Paw Works, a silent auction to benefit the two organizations, and merchandise for sale by organizations such as Benchmark Animal Rehabilitative Curriculum (B.A.R.C.) and the Susie Spector Foundation.

Nana the Pit Bull attends Stand Up for Pits event

As the soiree progressed, Pits of all shapes and sizes walked the red carpet. One sweet Pit Bull named Nana whose ears had been cut off due to an abuse situations, proudly pranced down the step and repeat to pose for her camera opp. The photographers began enthusiastically calling out for the dog to look in their direction but the dog didn’t move. After realizing what was happening, Nana’s owner looked out into the crowd and joked, “She is deaf and has no ears…if that helps at all.” Everyone laughed and the dog was then rewarded with tons of affectionate pats.

“Pit Bulls are just the best dogs,” said Corry. “They are smart and amazing and frankly, I feel bad for people that don’t own them,” she said, with a grin.