SpaghettiO the One Eyed Cat Bounces Back After Injury

This Instagram-famous cat didn't let an accident stop her.
By: Monica Weymouth
SpaghettiO the cat lounging in bed

Curiosity has long been the Achilles’ heel of cats. And SpaghettiO, well, SpaghettiO isn’t just any cat. An internet star from the very start,as a kitten she captured Instagram’s heart with her high-speed antics, plucky Persian personality, and mischievous tendencies.

Unfortunately, one of SpaghettiO’s play sessions took a turn for the worse a little over a year ago when the very-curious kitten tipped a chair over and landed in the hospital. Diagnosed with head trauma, her prognosis was uncertain—but as always, SpaghettiO proved to be special.

“SpaghettiO’s recovery was remarkable,” says proud pet parent Meghan McSchaefer. “It took many long weeks for her to slowly regain her motor skills, but every day brought some new milestone, and she never gave up. To see her start walking again, then playing and running and even climbing, after such a traumatic injury was simply awesome.”

To the delight of her fans, SpaghettiO made a full recovery and is a happy, healthy cat today. She does, however, look a bit different. Her right eye ultimately had to be removed, which only made her more adorable to her 37.3K-and-counting Instagram fans.

“I think SpaghettiO’s enthusiasm for life is infectious,” says McSchaefer.  “Ghetti approaches every new experience with fearlessness and optimism, and to see her hilarious, one-eyed self living her life—riding comfortably in the car, walking over to the park on her leash, chasing a plastic fork across the room—just brightens your day.”

As for SpaghettiO, if you want to return the favor and brighten her day, the answer is almost always a treat. This feline foodie has been known to snatch snacks off her humans’ plates and loves take-out. “She’s always hungry, and if you’re eating something, she’s pretty convinced she should be sharing it with you,” says McSchaefer. “Bread is a favorite snack—no bagel is safe.  A trip through the Starbucks drive-through is another favorite—she can put a serious dent in a Puppuccino in no time!”

So what does the life of a celebrity “pirate” cat look like? At the end of the day, after counting up her “likes” and responding to her admirers, SpaghettiO tries to stay grounded and enjoy the little things. “Ghetti really lives a pretty typical cat life, I think,” McSchaefer says. “She gets the zoomies in the wee hours of the morning, purrs and kneads when she’s happy, throws litter everywhere, and naps in weird places. When she isn’t eating, she can usually be found out on her catio, rolling in the mulch, chasing bugs, and wreaking havoc on the flowers.”

Grounded or not, like any celebrity, SpaghettiO has an entourage, and her squad goes far beyond felines. “Her closest pals are kitty big brothers Zim and Archimedes, but she also shares our home her big dog friend, Sterling, and her little dog friend, Turbo,” says McSchaefer. “SpaghettiO is fascinated by her hedgehog buddy, Quilliam Shatner, and likes to explore the garden with her tortoise, Squirtle.”

On the rare occasion when SpaghettiO returns from hanging with Quilliam and acts a little too sassy, her pet parents attempt to humble her. But, as you can imagine, it can be hard to say “no” to that face. “When she’s bratty I sometimes accuse our dear kitten of letting her fame go to her head, which promptly causes her to demand a piece of my toast,” says McSchaefer. “Which, of course, I give her. We may have created a monster.”

All images courtesy Meghan McSchaefer