Puss in Glam: From Rescue Cat to Feline Fashion Icon

This street cat has turned into a stylish icon on social media.
By: Monica Weymouth
Pitzush the cat modeling floral fashion

In many ways, Pitzush is your typical Instagram model.

She knows her angles. She absolutely slays the looking-not-looking selfie. Between high-production glamour shots and #iwokeuplikethis humble brags, she deftly drops messages of body positivity. And of course, like any internet celebrity worth her hashtags, she has a few haters sprinkled among her 23.6K-and-counting followers.

Pitzush is also, notably, a cat.

Puss in Glam modeling a floral crownAlthough she’s become a glamorous social media star, eight years ago Pitzush was just barely surviving on the streets of Romania when Roxana Dulama stumbled across her. Dulama realized that the little cat’s mouth was badly infected, and so she scooped her up and brought her to a veterinarian. “She recovered very well, but she was still very shy and was afraid of everything,” says Dulama. “It took a lot of time, patience and love to manage all her previous trauma.”

Eventually, Pitzush warmed up, and Dulama identified that her confident, bright-eyed new companion had the makings of a model. Thanks to Dulama’s background in fashion design and photography, it wasn’t long until Pitzush—known on Instagram as @pussinglam—was turning heads with custom-made kitty couture gowns, piles of bling,  festival-ready flower crowns and rainbow-colored eyelashes (which are, for the record, entirely Photoshopped).

While Pitzush looks like an ethereal, otherworldly creature in her photographs—thanks, in part, to the occasional fairy wing props—she’s simply an ordinary cat when off set. “She eats, sleeps, scratches the sofa, breaks the vases, ruins the curtains, keeps me up at night with noises, steals my socks and of course, there’s the occasional knocking down of the Christmas tree,” says Dulama. “But she is my princess!”

Pitzush in a blue fashion photoWhich, of course, begs the question: How does anyone, experienced photographer or not, convince a cat to pose? “It’s a process,” admits Dulama. “I start with simple things like a necklace. Then some treats. After that I very quickly put on the dress and the shooting lasts for about 2-5 minutes. She is a real diva—she has no patience for longer photo shoots. She’s threatening to hire Mario Testino if I do not deliver results.”

Although certainly one-of-a-kind, Pitzush has plenty of company on the Instagram catwalk. She counts @sophie_the_model, @kinghenry_princesspearl and @fredlillyfranky among her role models and can proudly claim Choupette—Karl Lagerfeld’s infamously pampered kitty—among her many followers.

Want to see if your kitty has what it takes to join their fashionable ranks? Or just want a nice photo of your camera-shy companion for once? According to Dulama, it’s all about good lighting and even better treats.  ”It’s easier to photograph your cat if she is hungry,” she says. “You can use that to your advantage.”

To which we can only say, good luck!

Images: Puss in Glam via Instagram