Country Carol 'Christmas Carl' Will Make Your Dog's Holiday Playlist

Joy to the canines.
By: Aly Semigran

When it comes to animal-themed Christmas songs, you’ve got your Rudolph with his nose so bright and those sought-after hippopotamuses. But what about beloved canines that get into mischief during around the holiday season? That’s where country crooner Lacy J. Dalton comes in.

The singer recently released a video for “Christmas Carl,” a song about her very own dog and his very naughty behavior over one particular Christmas Eve.

Based on a (mostly) true story, “Christmas Carl” regales listeners with the time the titular canine decided to nibble on everything from the Christmas tree to cookies to presents.

Dalton, who adopted the 4-year-old Pit Bull/Mastiff mix as he was facing euthanasia in 2014, tells PawCulture that Carl’s wild Christmas Eve buffet, which included a trip to the vet, was actually a pivotal moment in their relationship.

“Me and Carl had a ‘come to Jesus’ moment and when it was over, we were both exhausted, but we had reached an understanding,” Dalton says. “[He] never ate another thing [he wasn’t supposed to] after that night.”


Dalton says that, in the midst of the chaos of chasing Carl around that crazy evening, she knew there was a song in the making.

The holiday tune, which she began playing live in 2016 (“the audience absolutely loves the song. They laugh out loud,” she says), has made Carl something of a celeb in his own right on the road.

“He loves kids, loves people and loves his audience,” Dalton says. “Carl made his first public appearance on November 25 at a theatre in Sutter Creek, California, our first Christmas Show of 2017. After the show people were lined up on the sidewalk outside to meet and take a picture with him.”

Of course, the rescue dog is reaching an even larger audience with the release of the “Christmas Carl” video, which features none other than Carl himself re-enacting that fateful December 24th.

Images via Lacy J. Dalton