Hamsters + 'Seinfeld' = Hamsterfeld

The crossover you didn't know you needed.
By: Aly Semigran

Before you ask yourself—in your best Jerry Seinfeld voice—”What is the deal with Hamsterfeld?” we can already tell you the good news: it’s hamsters recreating Seinfeld. And it’s spectacular. 

The good folks over at Mashable created the clip, which imagines what the classic 90’s sitcom would look like if it had just featured adorable hamsters as Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer.

Starring none other Jerry Hamsterfeld, Julia Louis-Hamster, Jason Alexhamster, and Michael Hamsters, Hamsterfeld has the same (albeit smaller scale) iconic New York City apartment and that theme song we all know and love so well.

The hamsters don’t do much besides eat food and walk around, so, essentially, the clip shows a whole lot of nothing—which is pretty spot-on with its original source material.

Thankfully, Mashable hasn’t stopped at Seinfeld. They also created a hamster-themed Friends called Central Fluff and a Stranger Things parody called, you guessed it, Hamster Things. (Fingers crossed for Game of Hamsters next!)