Genevieve Angelson and Her Dog Jack Lemmon Take Hollywood by Storm

The 'Good Girls Revolt' actress has a superstar pup.
By: Aly Semigran
Actress Genevieve Angelson and Dog Jack Lemmon

Jack Lemmon is about to become a household name. No, no, not that Jack Lemmon, the beloved Academy Award-winning legend. Rather, this Jack Lemmon, a cute, hilarious, and highly Instagrammable dog.

That’s because this Jack Lemmon belongs to actress Genevieve Angelson. Angelson is destined for superstar status thanks to her work on the upcoming and highly anticipated 1960’s-set drama Good Girls Revolt, which debuts on Amazon on October 28. The actress calls the project a “dream job.”

When PawCulture chatted with Angelson, she was thrilled to talk about her beloved 4-year-old Maltese mix. The adorable pup has a sweet disposition—and an underbite, which adds to his appeal. It’s obvious that Angelson is smitten.. “When people ask me what kind of dog he is, I say he’s a purebred grilled cheese sandwich,” she said. “Not even a fancy cheese like a gruyere, just American cheese.”

Angelson adopted Jack Lemmon after she spent months in Vancouver working on a project. She says that while the work was a great experience, being one of the only single people on set made her feel lonely. “It was really isolating and extremely challenging,” she said. “So, literally, the day we wrapped and I got on the plane, I went from the airport to a dog rescue.”

That dog rescue was Barks N’ Bitches, a humane pet shop based in Los Angeles that features adoptable dogs from rescue partners. “The dogs that they have on the premises get to run  around,” said Angelson. “Not only are they socialized with people, but they are socialized with other dogs.”

Angelson describes Jack Lemmon as the “best, most well-behaved, friendly, loving dog in the world.” She attributes her pup’s awesome personality to the attention and love he received at Barks N’ Bitches.

It was also there that Angelson came up with her dog’s incredible, A-list name. “I got him and the name just came into my heart. There was no denying it,” she said. “Unlike the real Jack Lemmon, he’s not talented. It’s funny for his namesake that he’s not a good actor.”

What he lacks in on-screen presence, Jack Lemmon more than makes up for off-screen. Angelson brings her pup everywhere, including the Good Girls Revolt set. “He is very beloved,” she said. “Jack doesn’t know he’s a dog, he thinks he’s a person. He loves people more than anything.”

That enduring and endless love has helped Angelson in her day-today life. “I think one of the most destructive tendencies that I have is self-centeredness and fear,” she said. “The great thing about having a dog is that every hour of every day is an opportunity to get outside of myself and do something loving for another creature.”

Angelson and Jack Lemmon continue to strengthen their bond every single day, and the actress appreciates that she doesn’t have to turn on the charm or perform when she’s in front of her furry family member. “If I am ever going into a place of fear about the future or preoccupation with something that doesn’t matter, there is a dog here who does not care that I went to the Emmys or that I farted,” she said. “I am the same person to him. He’s the great ego leveler.”

When you’re not watching Angelson on Good Girls Revolt this fall, you can follow her on Instagram, where she shares tons of can’t-miss photos and videos of the one and only Jack Lemmon.

Images courtesy of Genevieve Angelson Instagram