Dogs Show Their Voter Pride in the 2016 Presidential Election

These patriotic Instagram pups have our vote.
By: Aly Semigran
Daisy the dog votes.

The 2016 Presidential race has been, arguably, the most divisive and contentious in history. But if there’s anything that can bring people together on this momentous Election Day, it’s seeing adorable dogs getting patriotic.

On November 8, as millions headed to the voting booths to cast their ballots for the next President of the United States, some dogs of Instagram even got in on the fun.

While, no, these canines couldn’t cast a vote, they could definitely show off their Election Day pride and encourage humans to get out cast their votes.


PawCulture’s very own Kelly Quay and her oh-so-sweet dog Daisy showed the world they used their Constitutional right to get out and vote (and get an awesome sticker).


Amazing Olive and her human Angela had some really good words of wisdom to share: “Don’t let anything get in the way of your vote today… Not even a donut around your head.”


Forrest the friendly Goldendoodle made voting a family affair on Nov. 8. “My aunt is working the polls, so I am here greeting people as they come to the doors.” Good dog!


Huggable Baxter was impressed with the ease of the voting process, and we’re impressed with Baxter’s ability to balance a sticker right between the ears.


It doesn’t get more patriotic (or cuddly) than little Bailey, who wore the stars and stripes with pride (courtesy of her mama Brittany) this Election Day.


Beautiful Bear couldn’t wait another minute to get out and take her human to the voting booths this morning. Go, Bear, go!


Speaking of early risers, Reveille’s pet parent Lauren (@mycrittercollection) shared that she left for the polls at 6 in the morning. Lucky Reveille even got to wear her well-earned sticker!


The fabulous Mister Oliver Wolf is keeping up with the Instagram dog fashion statement of the day: an “I Voted” stick on cute pupper noggins.


If cutie Kasper the Frenchie says vote, well then you’d better go vote! (Who could let down that sweet face?!)


All-American all-star Duke (and his dad Chris Hintz) posed the big question of the day: “Duke Voted: Did You?”