Dogs Celebrate the Historic Cubs World Series Victory

Dogs all over the internet fly the W(oof)
By: Aly Semigran
Dog celebrates the Cubs World Series win

If the Chicago Cubs 108-year drought seemed like an eternity for all of us, imagine what it must have felt like in dog years.

Thankfully, for Cubs fans—four-legged or otherwise—the curse was broken when the team won the 2016 World Series, their first title since 1908.

As Cubs nation celebrated their long-awaited victory—in which they beat the Cleveland Indians 8-7 after 10 innings—fans posted their pups showing off their World Series pride on Instagram. Check out some of our favorites:


While this happy Beagle sported a Chicago jersey, his mom Ashley Abraham (@ashannamarie) wrote, “As a life long Cubs fan I can’t believe this happened!!”


This sweet pup wearing a Cubs cap and his pet parent Kelsey Dwyer (@kedwyer23) said it all: “Cubs Win Cubs Win!!!!”


Don’t let his adorable, albeit seemingly indifferent mug fool you, his pet parent and Cubs fan Tadao (@tadtic3) assures, “Colton was so into it. #GoCubsGo”


“Cubs fans are popping up everywhere!” wrote Amy Troxell on Instagram (@amynicoletroxell), including her enthusiastically decked-out pup Murphy.


Were you glued to the extra-inning nail-biter? So was Nixon (@nixonmke) the Cattle Dog.


While most of us watched at home, Truman the Saint Bernard (@truman_the_giant) was celebrating in the midst of all the action and excitement at Wrigleyville. The rescue dog from Just Giants put it best on his Instagram, “Winning the World Series is a lot like working for a treat: keep your eye on the prize!!!”


Chicago native Asti may have fallen asleep to miss his hometown heroes taking the series 4-3 over the Indians (hey, it was late!) but as his pet parent Joanne Guarderas explained on his Insta @asti_theperfectpup, “Woke up to a new reality! Cubs are World Series Champs!!!!”


Seems Watson the Cockapoo (@watsonthepooh) didn’t get much sleep either thanks to all the celebration, but he woke up with a Cubs cap, so it was all worth it in the end!


World Series MVP Ben Zobrist wasn’t the only superhero: check out Quantum (@quantum_dog) in his his butt-kicking Cubs outfit and proud gaze.


As his pet parent Stephanie Manner Wagner penned on his Instagram page @roman_wags, this sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was “Jumping on the bandwagon for a puppy treat.” Don’t worry, Roman, today we’re all Cubs fans!

Additional reporting by Kelly Quay and Deidre Grieves