Dogs as Family: Sammi 'Sweetheart' Giancola Talks About Her Pack

The reality television star makes her dogs a huge part of her life.
By: Nicole Pajer
Sammi Sweetheart Giancola and her dog Louie

If you watched “Jersey Shore,” on television, you probably noticed that family is very important to Sammi “Sweetheart.” The former reality star comes from a fun-loving Italian/Greek clan that loves any excuse they can muster to get together, cook up a hearty meal, and celebrate a milestone in each other’s lives. But their frequent soirees are not just filled with humans. The canines of the family are just as cherished and take part in every birthday, holiday, and “just because” celebration that their owners throw. And there are many dogs within the pack.

As a child, Giancola and her sisters considered their Cockapoo Abby to be the fourth sister of the family. So when the pup passed, they were devastated. In came Kylie, another Cockapoo with a personality big enough to fill the void. “We fell in love with Kylie right when we got her,” says Giancola. “She has been our dog ever since and we love her so much.”

Sammi Sweetheart Giancola kisses her dog LouieSeveral years after Kylie came into her life, the model/actress and her former boyfriend got a puppy together. When the duo broke up, Giancola kept the dog and he has been the light of her life ever since. “Louie is a three-year-old Cavachon who is my baby,” she explains. “He is black, tan, white, and cream and he has eyebrows. He is so cute!”

After working out their initial kinks, Kylie and Louie became fast friends. Giancola jokes, however, that their personalities could not be more opposite. “Louie loves life, while, Kylie is kind of bossy and crazy,” she reveals. And the Sweetheart Styles founder explains that while the dogs definitely get along, it’s the family’s Cockapoo that rules the roost. “I like to call [Kylie] the boss bitch,” she jokes. “She is a party animal at night. She’ll go crazy and get into things.” Louie, on the other hand, enjoys waking up early and is eager to take on the day.

Giancola affectionately refers to Louie as a reserved old man. “I like to think he takes after me,” she says. “He doesn’t like to be dirty, so if he gets mud on his paws and water on his face, he has to have it wiped off.” Her pup is extremely smart, especially when it comes to making sure that his food and water bowl are constantly filled. “If there is no food in his bowl, he’ll clink the bowl like he’s calling you to fill it up because he’s hungry,” Giancola reveals. Meanwhile, the family is trying to break “wild child” Kylie of her recent habit of wanting to drink out of the toilet bowl. “The other day, I went to use the bathroom. It was dark and I saw this shadow of her in the toilet. It scared me. She was on the toilet. This is her new thing!” proclaims Giancola.

Sammi Sweetheart Giancola cuddles with her dog KylieKylie and Louie are just two of the many dogs in the Giancola family. Her sisters each have dogs of their own, including a King Charles Cavalier named Brynley and a Miniature Dachshund pup named Oscar. And the family gets all of their pups together every chance they get. “They are all so spoiled,” admits Giancola. “We love animals in my house. They get birthday parties; they get puppy parties. We really go all out for our dogs.”

In her spare time, Giancola co-hosts a Podcast called Just Sayin where she and relationship expert Siggy Flicker and TV host Clare Galterio tackle a variety of topics surrounding everything from friendship to celebrities and relationships. As far as her own love life, Giancola, who is currently single, jokes that her dogs aren’t doing her any favors. When asked if Louie is a good wingman, the 29-year-old snickered. “Louie is territorial with me so he tries to protect me. When I take him for walks, he barks and kind of scares everybody away,” she explains. “He’s the opposite of a wingman!”

All images courtesy Sammi Giancola via Instagram