Celebrities Lend Their Voices to Neglected Dogs in Heartbreaking Video

These famous animal lovers are giving a voice to the voiceless.
By: Aly Semigran

It’s often said that animal rights advocates give a voice to the voiceless, and this latest heartbreaking, but poignant video from PETA does just that.

In their latest clip, animal-loving celebrities—including Tom Hardy, Edie Falco, Bill Maher, and Priyanka Chopra, among others—do voice-over work as neglected dogs who have been left outside by their un-attentive owners.

The footage of shivering, injured, and crestfallen dogs (which was captured by PETA fieldworkers) asks questions to their neglectful owners, such as, “When you first got me, did you know you were going to chain me up and leave me outside, even in the cold and snow?” and “Did you know that you would never even touch me, even when all I wanted was to be petted?”

It’s enough to turn anyone into a puddle, but hopefully the video turns into action.

The video’s final message “Treat dogs like family…let them live indoors this winter” should resonate year-round, but especially when the temperatures drop and dogs are even more vulnerable to the elements.

In a press release, PETA points out that the fieldworkers who came across these dogs, and other neglected pets, provide them with “free shelter, straw bedding, food, water, veterinary care, and other necessities.”

The organization added in its statement: “Dogs and other animals can suffer from frostbite and exposure, and they can become dehydrated when water sources freeze. PETA encourages families to keep their dogs indoors during the winter and all year long.”