Ashley Liao Has Her Own 'Fuller House' of Pets

This young star is a devoted pet parent off-screen.
By: Aly Semigran
Actress Ashley Liao and her dogs.

When you think of the Fuller House gang, you think of the Tanner family and their new cohorts, including Lola, played by young actress Ashley Liao.    

But, the Fuller House clan is even bigger if you include the pets of the show’s stars, including Liao and her extended furry family.

PawCulture caught up with busy pet parent and Netflix star Liao, who was promoted to a series regular on the wildly popular reboot for the upcoming second season.

Liao—who has two dogs, two guinea pigs, and a hamster—lovingly describes being a pet parent to five animals as “like having a farm.”

“Taking care of pets has made me more responsible,” the 15-year-old star says. “You have to be mindful that you’re not just taking care of yourself anymore. It’s a good way of learning how to be more independent and how to take care of something else.”

Being a pet parent has given Liao all kinds of insights. One of her dogs, a blue-eyed Black Lab and Australian Shepherd mix named Faith, pictured above, was a rescue. 

“Getting a dog from a shelter was a really eye-opening experience,” she says, “She was really shy. She was only 1-and-a-half at the time [when we adopted her] and she already had puppies.” 

But with the proper love and care from Liao and her family, Faith has settled into a happier and healthier life. 

“She has grown so tremendously from when we first got her from the shelter. She used to have anxiety problems,” she explains. Liao says that now Faith loves riding in the car with her family and visiting the dog beaches in San Diego. 

While Liao encourages anyone looking to have a dog in their life to adopt instead of shop, she also would love animal lovers to consider guinea pigs. (Hers, pictured below, are named Teddy and Alfalfa.) 

“Guinea pigs are really fun and don’t get enough credit in the pet world,” Liao says. “They’re fuzzy and furry and…when they get really happy they squeak and it’s so cute. Sometimes they’ll ‘popcorn,’ we like to call it, when they jump up and down in the air when they get excited.” 

Of course, Liao loves all her pets with equal measure, and says, “I’m just thankful that my pets are happy and loving and sweet and healthy.”  

Images via Ashley Liao Instagram