A Day with Doug The Pug: Sandwich Stealer, Snuggler Extraordinaire

At the end of the day, Doug The Pug is just like your dog (with slightly more fans on social media).
By: Nicole Pajer
Doug the Pug

Doug The Pug has over one billion video views on Facebook and nine-million-plus followers on social media. He’s met Dolly Parton, modeled underwear alongside Justin Bieber and cuddled with Demi Lovato. The 6-year-old pup has his own New York Times best-selling book, an apparel line and even has plush toys modeled after him. He’s attended star-studded award shows, had a cameo in a Fall Out Boy music video and has made appearances on popular talk shows like “Good Morning America.” But in real life, the four-legged fur ball is just a regular dog who enjoys paling around with his human companions, owner Leslie Moiser and her fiancé Rob Chianelli.

So, what does a typical day in the life of Doug look like? Most days consist of eating, napping, walking and snuggling, with a few doggy play dates thrown in for good measure, Mosier says.

It’s no surprise to hear that Doug is extremely social. He lives in a house with a large backyard and frequently has friends come over to visit. Doug’s best friend, Penelope, also happens to be a Pug, and he has furry friends scattered across the country. Whenever he is in their town for a special appearance, he makes a point of visiting with them.

Doug and Poe

“His friend Poe in Los Angeles is a Boston Terrier,” says Moiser, and Charlie the Goldendoodle lives in Denver. “They have a lot of fun together playing and sleeping. He’s actually coming to visit over New Years.”

Based on his Instagram account, Doug may appear to be lazy. However, Moiser says that Doug gets a number of walks each day and also accompanies his owners in an array of human-oriented activities. “He’s been known to hop on a skateboard and has been on a boat,” Moiser says.

Chianelli is a professional drummer, and Doug’s also been spotted at some of his shows. “Doug has gone to many concerts and we always make sure to protect his hearing with his custom headphones,” says Moiser. The trio is always listening to music around their home (Doug’s favorite genre is pop), she adds.

Another thing Doug’s social media followers know about him is that he is not shy about his obsession for food. Though you may see him posing with lattes and giant slices of pizza, he doesn’t actually them.

“He doesn’t get human food that often at all,” says Moiser. “It’s usually just for a photo opp.Once he stole my former roommate’s BBQ sandwich when he left for the bathroom. [When] he came back, Doug was on the table and the sandwich was gone. I felt so bad.”

Doug with toy

When he’s being a good dog, Doug gets rewarded with an array of pup-friendly treats. His favorites are dehydrated sweet potato and Sojos-brand raw treats. “We use them for rewards but also when he gives us the puppy dog eyes,” Moiser says.

Though she does her best to keep Doug’s life as normal as possible, Mosier admits that he is definitely spoiled.

“Doug [was] meant to be a celebrity and an actor. The way he poses and interacts with people and the way he works a crowded set really shows how much of a star he is,” she says. She jokes that she thinks Doug knows he’s famous because whenever he is approached by a fan or in a media situation, he is very confident and always seems to know what to do.

Born in Ohio before relocating to Nashville with his parents, Doug has certainly taken to the South. “The country world has definitely embraced him,” says Moiser. “He’s met pretty much every country artist out there and was even a special guest at two Country Music Television Awards and the Academy of Country Music awards in Vegas.”

Doug with owners

And although owning Doug has transposed her life into a world of glitz and glamour, Mosier’s favorite memory with Doug is just an ordinary day hanging with her canine companion.

“We spent a day at Cannon Beach, Oregon. Rob and I had just gotten engaged and we spent the day exploring and hiking with Doug. Doug got to run all over the beach and it was incredible,” she says.

At the end of the day, Mosier says she’s her famous Pug’s number one fan.

“He’s completely turned my world upside down in the best way,” she says. “We have an incredible life together going on adventures and making people smile.”

Images via: Doug The Pug